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update on the doctors appointment

I posted my Blue Horizon results on here last week. With some help from this forum and the PA forum, you were all really helpful. I booked a doctors appointment, all raring to go.

I went to see my doctor and his first words were, how is your anxiety? are you still taking your anti-depressants?

I started crying like a baby, as I thought brilliant he isn't going to believe me.

Moving on in the appointment, he admitted he didn't know what reverse T3 was and the ratio. So dismissed this instantly (but that's fine)

He kept going back to my health anxiety, but eventually, after crying for about 15 mins he has given me iron and folate tablet's and has asked me to go back in a months time for more blood test and the intrinsic factor test will be performed, after me also saying that my mum has PA.

But I suppose I can take that this is kind of a step forward.

Thanks for all your help!!!

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UK doctors aren't trained to deal with reverse T3. Your rT3 is slightly over range and ratio is low. I'm not sure what this means when you are not taking thyroid replacement or whether anything can be done to reduce rT3.

Take iron with 1,000mcg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation.

Vitamin D 42 is insufficient. Supplement 5,000iu D3 daily and retest in July.

PAS forum will advise you re B12 and folate deficiency.


why on earth would he wait a onth to test Intrinsic factor thats crazy

take your partner or friend with you for support and to back up how ill you are but insist that theres no way its deoression or anxiety

i trust you are not taking anti depressant meds because they knock the thyroid etc even more


Its cause he didnt believe me. And unfortuately i am taking the anti depressents as the doctor i saw then backed me into a corner. I am seeing her tomorrow and i am asking to be taken off them obviously slowly

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anti depressants cause havoc with the thyroid and are dished out like sweeties by doctors who are incapable of seeing whats so obviously wrong

take someone with you and stand your ground ...crying is not the solution you have to rise above it

dont ask permision to come off antideoressants just slowly wean yourself off and insist that your properly tested for PA

PA masks as hypothyroid and makes people very ill

PA is auto immune and inherited just the same as Hashimotos is

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