Low Thyroid Deadlier Than They Think

I think my neighbor is dying. Even sadder is that it is just another part of the idiocy which doctors become part of this tragic consequence. But this is not to elicit sympathy because I discovered another avenue for our struggle to be heard. I was trying to find an article pertaining to the fact she had been under treated for her thyroid condition and how it affects the heart. She is now in heart failure. I discovered this page in the Stop the Thyroid Madness website which lists hundreds of research studies and found this one. journal-of-cardiology.com/a...

But for any topic you think would help convince your doctor it may be useful.


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Brilliant link, thank you. It's a shame though that there are no hyperlinks included to the individual papers.

But it's easy to just cut and paste, hb. I just highlighted the entire name of the study by holding down the left button and sweeping over it and then with the right click, select copy when the menu comes up. Then just do the same in your search line except select paste.

My neighbor called and said that she was breathing on her own and had kidney function again so I have hope now.

Not so easy on a tablet or phone. Also, the next step is to search for the paper and sometimes that can take a lot of effort trying the search hits until you find one that actually provides access to the full paper.

If someone has gone through all these links, found the papers, read them, it really wouldn't have been that much extra effort to provide direct links to most of them.

Many posters here try to provide appropriate links.

Rod, I always try to provide links but these are not difficult to turn into links. If anyone is looking for specifics I don't think it would take much effort to find what they need. I wanted to know about heart failure and low T3 and it was within ten minutes that this article fit the bill.

Yes, Heloise, you do provide links. That is very much appreciated.

I just tried to find a random paper from the original list. There was a mis-spelled author name - and every hit was to something that referenced the same paper, could not find the paper itself.

I see. I guess I had dumb luck but was quite amazed at so many references.

Wonderful research. I'm going to take it to my new Dr. in May. Hope your neighbor recovers. How did she finally receive help?

Hi dtate, I printed out the research along with another article of the importance of FT3 when treating hypothyroid patients. I gave them to my neighbor's daughter and they have had meetings with her physicians while. I have little hope they will pay any attention unless they look at her previous blood tests. She is obese so you know what doctor's feel about, that never thinking they may be responsible.

I don't know what has happened as she was so close to death (as the article mentioned if FT3 was below 1.27 I think). The only access I have at the moment is through her husband and he doesn't really don't know what they are doing. It's unfortunate that they don't believe organs can heal at an elderly age.

Believe me, if they decide to use T3 in some form before she leaves the hospital I will report that.......after I pick myself up off the floor.

That report and medical case study was superb - I so hope they listen.

On another subject - I ordered some of the ThroidGold - dessicated beef thyroid. The only slight reservation I have about it - is the remote possibility of exposure to MCD. They say that New Zealand has almost no reported cases - and I know nothing is zero risk. Do you have any info on that product? Personal experience?

Oh, is that Dr. Lowe's formula, although his was called Thyroid Gold? Dr. Lowe is deceased but his wife carried on with his product. He was a wonderful pioneer in thyroid awareness. I, myself, used to use hydroxy/apatite calcium pills made by Ethical Nutrients, and they used New Zealand animals. As I see it, these animals graze and are not fed as the ones in the UK, etc.. I would feel safe but bovine is not the strength of porcine and you have to take much more of it to be comparable. Is that what you want?

Taken from a site called life-enhancement.com. I know they are selling products but their magazine has fascinating articles!

"These data are consistent with the work of pioneering cardiovascular surgeon Dr. James Isaacs, of Baltimore, who tested the hypothesis that supplementing with natural thyroid extract could help prevent cardiovascular disease.3 According to his classic study, conducted in 1974, people who took 1/4 grain of thyroid along with vitamins and minerals over a period of 10 years showed significant improvement in cardiovascular function, regardless of whether they were slightly hyperthyroid, slightly hypothyroid, or had normal thyroid function.

Famed alternative physician Dr. Jonathan Wright recommends his whole-thyroid formulation, containing the same amount of thyroid used in the Isaacs study, for people over age 40 who have no overt endocrine disease. He points out that, even if one is not experiencing overt symptoms of low thyroid, all endocrine glands are beginning to slow down at this stage of life. The most common comment from people taking 1/4 grain of his natural thyroid extract, according to Dr. Wright, is, "I just feel a little more energetic overall. My thinking seems a little clearer, and my bowel function is a little better."

Yet another study has recently pointed in the same direction. Last year a French study involving 1434 healthy male patients with no known history of thyroid disease and with normal levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone found that patients with lower levels of the thyroid hormone thyroxine had more cardiovascular risk factors and were therefore more likely to develop atherosclerosis and other forms of cardiovascular disease.4

Even if someone is already taking thyroid supplementation, most can still add a thyroid nutritional supplement to get the benefits of the other glandular extracts that it may contain, according to Dr. Wright. "Unless you are in very brittle condition - and brittle means to an endocrinologist that the amount you take has to be exactly right - you might consider the use of a thyroid supplement, if it adds only a modest amount of the actual thyroid glandular itself, and if it also nourishes the rest of the endocrine network."

ljk, that is an amazing theory! It's also sensible as none of us know what our thyroid levels should be EXACTLY. The ranges are so wide for people who truly are hypothyroid, who knows what you need to aim for. You don't always FEEL the effects of low thyroid I'm sure because the body tries to compensate but at least a functional doctor will examine areas which are "off" that even endocrinologists may not even look at.

And many of us are in a terrible bind of self medicating and hoping to hit the magic mark.

My neighbor died the following day so it fuels my efforts to highlight the dangers of low thyroid. Perhaps you could post again so others can see that more research is being done. Chiropractors seem to know more about thyroid than conventional doctors but they can't write prescriptions. I am looking at the website under "magazine" and then the search option. Now I have a lot of reading to do.

Thank you for bringing this up ljk.

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