Thank you all, Success in getting treatment for Low thyroid !

Hi sorry about taking so long to get back to you, house move etc. I had another blood test done at GP surgery after I produced the private blood test showing TSH 7.4 . This time I made sure I fasted, no coffee etc and it was an early appointment 8.40am. The locum stated that at least it had gone down some to 5.6 and although they do not usually treat untill it's over 10 she started me on 50mgs of Levothroxine. She also so very meaningly stated that there should be no more blood test done for 3 months! (This was end of Jan) What I do not understand why only treat when over 10 if their lab range is 0.27-4.2 Just want to thank everyone for their advice and surport I probally would be none the wiser if you hadn't told me about private blood testing.

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  • Bonkers to say they'll test in 3mos. They should leave no more than 2mos when starting you on meds. But great to hear you've got it off the ground.

    I believe the stated reason for waiting for bloods to reach 10 is because your tsh can fluctuate w illness, environment etc and they want to make sure you're on a downward trajectory, not just showing a temporary blip.

  • I read somewhere else that it should be tested at six weeks. I was told I had a high Tsh back in last June had been feeling even crapier since then . I've had plapatations/fluttering feeling in my chest for this past few years but then in June I developed a humming noise in my ears, comes and goes not sure if it's related or not. Not feeling any improvement so far.

  • And that is a textbook reason why you need to keep an eye on the timing of testing. You can find your life drifts away while you get incrementally sicker until you've lost a decade to undiagnosed/unmedicated thyroid disease.

    Unless they're really restrictive/organised at your surgery you can sometimes manage to get the blood test in the book a little earlier without anyone stopping you.

    Has your b12 been tested? Low b12 can cause tinnitus. After seeing no improvement on tablets I now self-inject and it has improved a lot.

    Don't worry if you don't see any improvements just yet. It will take time.

  • Hi puncturedbicycle I only realised it's been 5 months since I had my B12 tested and back then the result was,

    Vitamin B12 was 368.6........ Ranges pg/ml 191.000 - 663.000 on the low side, I do not know where the time goes, supose it's because I spend it feeling lousy and sleep alot, been taking Vit d also as it was 7.81 range 50.00- 200.00 now back up to 30. last blood test.

  • Hopefully things will improve once you've got everything under control. :-)

    Not sure if I said this already but if you take your vit d w some fat (the fattiest meal of the day, or a bit of buttered toast or similar) it will help absorption.

  • Thank you I'm prone to a bit of toast and cheese so I'll do that.

  • :-)

  • Dare I suggest cost may come into the equation both for a TSH at 10 and leaving 3 months to retest!

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