New blood tests - advice please

I met with Endo last week - who said that my TSH shows I am over medicated (0.09 Range 0.3-5.5 mlU) but he is happy for me to continue with 50 T4 and 20 T3. I suggested that TSH might not be relevant if I am taking T3 - and he just blushed...

My Free Thyroxine is 10.9 - (range 9-25 pmol) and it was 12.3 back in November. My Free Tri-Thyroxine is 4.6 (range 3.5-6.5 pmol) which was 4.5 back in November. Any thoughts? I feel more fatigued than I did in November and have horrid night sweats. Go to bed cold with 2 furry hot water bottles -wake up at 2.00 sweating and throw everything off. I think I need to increase something but not sure what. Any advice (as ever) appreciated. Greetings from sunny London x

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  • I would say there is room for improvement with the FT3 - maybe increase slowly and see how your symptoms are. How are your other levels - B12 - Ferritin - Folate - Ferritin ?

    The thyroid is our thermostat - so it does seem off kilter at the moment :-)

    Greetings from a very wet Crete !!

  • Thanks Marz - this is me being dense - do you mean I should raise my T3 slightly or T4? thanks (still sunny) x

  • I think you should consider increasing the T3 slowly - but hey I am not a Medic :-) How are your levels of the vitals I mentioned ?

    Sunny in London and Rome for the rugby - cannot believe we have been left out !

    Hopefully there will be some wise ones along soon. Think they have all gone shopping :-)

  • Thanks he said my B12 and iron was good but considering he didn't test for them. He was looking at an old test so I think I will get it done privately. Have a good weekend x

  • Have you got the details for Private Testing ?

  • Yes thanks. Used Blue Horizon last year.

  • Are you a group of numbers? No you are not. TSH can become irrelevent at low levels so don't allow your doctor to titrate your meds by TSH which is so wrong!

  • Thanks Glinirose. I am just just not sure how to tweak my meds.

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