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Latest BH results, please comment


As my symptoms are slowly creeping back in again after a short period of feeling better I had some test done again. My endo still thinks I am taking too much Throxine as the TSH is still suppressed so I won't get any help from her. I feel I should maybe take moreT3 to stop my FT3 going down even further. I am putting on weight again, my hair is falling out more again, I fall asleep again etc.

On gluten free diet, all other vit etc are optimal, I am supplementing but feel at a loss as my FT3 has now gone from 4.95 to 3.95. Would that explain why I am not feeling any better? Any comments are welcome, as usual, thanks!

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What medication are you taking? Your FT4 is below range so you certainly aren't taking too much thyroxine. If you're taking T3 only I would increase dose and target FT3 5.5-6.8. It will further suppress your TSH but as long as your FT3 remains <6.8 that really doesn't matter.

Thyroid antibodies are negative for autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's).

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Thanks, so quick! I take 25mcg Levothyroxine and 30mcg Henning Thybon T3. Levo was reduced over the last year from 125 (no T3) then started T3 and since then my FT3 has gone down, as well as the FT4, of course. Although my Endo agrees with that coming down she waves the threat of osteoporosis and AF in front of me and is waitng for the TSH to go up which, of course, it won't. The problem is she does not want to increase the T3 dosis, so the problem is where to get it from to up my dose.

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She's out of date. The Rotterdam Study finds no association between TSH and atrial fibrillation and a meta-study of patients with TSH suppressed <0.1 found one extra hip fracture per 1,000-patient-years.

If you can't persuade your endo to increase Levothyroxine dose until FT4 is at least in range I would buy my own and self medicate. PM me if you want sources.

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