Some of my results have gone missing from my patient online access

Hi everyone,

A bit strange, today I was able to collect some long awaited blood results run by the hospital which my GP printed for me.

I wanted to check them against some previous test results I had, as I have been taking 3,200 iu of vitamin d for almost a year and am still deficient so wanted to check how much it had risen by.

I looked on my online patient access page, where I had previously got my results and the July results are still there but, while all the other results I had done in April last year are still there, the vitamin d results seem to have been deleted. Luckily I had taken a screenshot back in May as I was emailing all my results to my mum!

What do you think is going on? I can't imagine it's anything sinister as vitamin d isn't my main problem... But could they have somehow got deleted?

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  • Were all those tests done via your GP, or some via a Consultant, and some GP?

    I know my hospital ordered tests are not visible on my view of my patient access, but that doesn't necessarily mean they aren't there.

    As patients we don't see our complete record.

  • Thanks for your response. These were done by my GP and used to be on my patient access but now there's no trace of them any more!

  • I would check again tomorrow, just in case they were making any system changes coincidentally. If they're still not there, I would ask if there is a reason. You could do the latter via the Practice Manager, so as not to absorb clinical time.

  • Great, thanks, I'll do that! Fingers crossed they just turn up again tomorrow.

  • My GP doesn't even allow me access to my results :(

    I would imagine this is a problem with the online system you're using, maybe there is a limit on the number of results each patient can have. Ask the GP reception if they know.

  • My blood results seem to disappear after a month from the online system, so, like you, I have screen shot them. May if earlier results are on try looking for them on a main computer, rather than a tablet, they may appear. Just a thought.

  • It may just be a glitch in the system but would check again. If they are still missing I would query it with staff.

  • Just out of interest, only about 5% know we can access our records online, and fewer than 1% actually do!

  • None of my NHS blood test results are available online.

    They don't even put sufficient appointments on there anymore as it is a way of getting unpopular slots booked up.

    It's only useful for ordering repeat prescriptions.

  • I suppose with 1% uptake, there's a "why bother?" attitude, like their Occam's razor of, rightly, letting Mother Nature take care of most illnesses.

  • My area according to demographic information has a lot of educated people so I think in my case not providing the information is delibrate.

  • Is it a small practice? Looking around practice websites, there's no uniformity, so a lot of wasted effort instead of using a template and, hopefully, making available the information and services we all expect.

    Thinking of "Struck Off & Die" humour and the consultants all holidaying together in the Madeleine McCann case, we have to acknowledge there's likely to be a high degree of groupthink and "them & us". The groupthink may be less prevalent in larger practices.

  • Nope.

    It is a large practice with 3 sites. Two sites are large and the 3rd small. The smaller site it took over when the 2 GPs running it got struck off.

    The online system is the same as my old practice which I moved from to them. My old practice had 2 sites as well and is slighly smaller however they had a problem retaining staff.

  • Interesting hypothesis. I live in an area on the south coast that is deemed as one of "God's Waiting Rooms"......charming I know! Presumably my GP practice as well as the other large one in town do not offer online look-up of test results because they think the majority of patients are too old or not inclined to use computers.

    However I can say that the receptionists and other staff are all really lovely and helpful and don't quibble if you want a printout. :)

  • in short doctors use any demographic information not to provide their patients with online services.

  • Glad you mentioned this Sick-and-Tired as I recently looked on my page of online results and the last two pages (9 in total) have seemed to have vanished. I have now started to copy and print each page out as it appears.

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