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eyelashes falling out help

my daughter has been having trouble with her eyelashes falling out and the skin around her eyes becoming dry. She has tried everything - been to the optician - not bletheritis. the doc has said it could be her thyroid, alopecia or something else auto immune. However, her thyroid tsh is 1.8 (range 0.20 - 6) so its not that bad. She cant remember what her t4 or t3 were - she thinks they were middle of the range. Any thoughts - she is desperate

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TSH 1.8 with mid-range FT4 and FT3 is euthyroid so it is unlikely your daughter's eye lash loss is due to hypothyroidism.

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This might be a possible cause, but you would need to research it :

For sore, dry and itchy eyes your daughter may want to consider this product :

I've never been diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome or Blepharitis, but I found the above product to be very good. You will have to read the Amazon reviews to get hints and tips on how best to use it and decide whether or not it might be helpful.

However, if your daughter's eyelashes are falling out because of hypothyroidism, then it might not help. Another thing to research is whether or not she has some other kind of problem entirely. E.g. a fungal disease? eyelash mites?

Another product I've found to be helpful is this one :

Despite what it says there, I've only ever seen this product in a 500ml container, not 100ml. I pour some eye wash into the eye bath and then get a cotton ball, dip it into the eye wash until it is dripping wet and then wash my eye with the cotton ball. Then I get a fresh cotton ball and do the other eye. I've found washing away gunge and crusting from my eyes makes my eyes feel more comfortable. I've tried several eye wash products, and even made my own with salt water, but the Boots product is the best one for me.

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I sympathize with your daughter.

Four years ago I noticed a tremendous loss of my eyelashes. I also lost the outer third of my eyebrows. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and also two autoimmune diseases - lupus and Sjogrens. I take Plaquenil and levothyroxine and feel I am properly medicated.

My eyebrows have returned but alas, I still have little to no eyelashes to speak of and no doctor can explain why. I did try Latisse for about a year with some decent results but it did irritate my already dry eyes (due to Sjogrens) so I finally decided to stop when it just became too much to deal with.

I miss my lashes terribly and wish there was some explanation or cure other than to wear false lashes, which I can only tolerate on special occasions as my eyes will become very irritated if worn often.

This link provides loads of information on the subject:

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