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After recently reading 'The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution' By Aviva Romm, I can't recommend this book highly enough, she literally hits the nail on the head and offers great solutions on how to recover. There's also a lady called Izabella Wentz, she's a thyroid pharmasist. She suffered for 10 years before she was diagnosed with Hashimoto's. She has videos of documentaries she has done for medical professional's to help them help their patients, but they are so beneficial to watch as I picked up so many useful tips on how to manage it, either alongside your medication or without if you are not yet using any meds. I hope you find these as useful as I have..I have literally found both of these ladies to be life savers after I'd pretty much given up hope after such terrible care and lack of understanding from my GP 😊

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  • So how did you get hold of this Emmie ? It isn't published in the United Kingdom until 23rd March ? 😕

  • I just bought it off the American Amazon site hun and paid a little extra for postage. It's well worth it!!👍

  • She already wrote a Thyroid book, called Root Cause. You can start with that. A used book on Amazon is quite inexpensive.

  • The new book by Isabella Wentz is a pre-order book, not out yet.

  • There's a 9 part documentary series that came out on the 1st March. Each video is about an hour long..i'm only half way through the first video but so far I've found it really useful. It is a bit annoying because any correspondance from her mentions about buying her book (which annoys me) but the documentary series is totally free. You can find it on Facebook or email them and get sent the links to watch them x

  • Yes, I've seen every episode. They only last until next episode and are quite long. I do take notes and have already ordered supplements she suggests! Thanks

  • Oh really? Does she give many solutions to help you recover?

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