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Hi all,

So here are my test results from 22Feb taken 8am fasting.

Free T4 21.1 (11.0-23.0)

Free T3 8.0 (4.1-7.9)

TSH 0.02 (0.3-5.5)

The receptionist rang and asked me to reduce my dose from 125mcg levo to 100mcg daily & doc wants bloods taken in a month. ( different doc to my normal one)

So the thing is I feel really good at the moment & loads better than when I was taking the lower dose ( aches, pains brain fog tired dizzy etc).

I really don't want to reduce dose, what do you all think? Is my T3 too high?

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  • I would've thought that if you don't feel over medicated then you are fine? x

  • Thanks Nat, I think he is just following the "rules" but I agree I feel fine. I think I'm just gonna carry on & see what happens x

  • Glad you're feeling better, that is good news! x

  • Hi Rennixon, re. your t3 and TSH results unfortunally most GPs can't (they are unable to) think outside the brackets of reference numbers. Good Luck.

  • Yes it is very unfortunate that I happened to see him before the tests, so he asked for the results! Ugh ! I'm gonna carry on & see if he follows up on the tests ... very unlikely . If I do start to feel anything unusual I will concider a reduction.

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