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Hi. I was diagnosed with fibro 10 years ago then underactive thyroid 5 years ago. Its not an easy subject to comprehend. But from what im reading they can be related. Ive probably had the usual symptons forever and now reached 58 was resolved to accepting this is how i am and this is how i will be. I dont take meds as i found them intolerable except for levothyroxine which they just increased to 200mg. With no explanation except my blood tests came back abnormal!!!!!!. Ive now decided that im going to take control and not just accept what the doctor says goes. I have a long study ahead so fingers crossed. Does anyone else on here have fibro and underactive thyroid diagnosis.?

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Hi there. - it is a long journey but, take heart, you can feel better. I was diagnosed with Hashi hypothyroid over twenty years ago and was under treated for that same amount of time on synthroid.

During that time my doctor said I had fibro as I had lots of aches and pains on top of fatigue, mood swings, etc. Once I started treating with NDT, most of the fibro symptoms resolved.

My understanding is the two can be related as hypo people are often diagnosed with fibro and depression. So start educating yourself - forums like this can be a great place to ask questions and learn from other people's postings.

You will likely get pretty frustrated with your doc but I have learned you need to advocate for yourself and ask for what you think you need. I'm in Canada 🇨🇦 and we seem to have a bit easier go of it than those in the U.K. But it is still a slog to be heard and to get appropriate treatment.

Be patient. Take it one step at a time. And persevere!!!

Wishing you all the best....


Fibromyalgia tends to be poorly treated thyroid problems.


I was diagnosed with fibro and three years later with hashi's. Four years of levothroxine did little for either. Finally adequate natural dessicated thyroid meds -- all symptoms of both went away. 20 years later, I still take 4.5 grains of zNDT and do ffine. Fibrojay

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