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Please. I dont know what to do.Help?

I live in a country where the doctor need to get licens for ndt and the doctor I have dont really care about the situation.

Ive got ndt from other source and I was happy and a bit nervous about how I should start with them. I heard alot of good stories about how they can make you feel so much better and after never for years being free from symptoms I wonderd how that would be like.

And then before I even got the chance to try my anxiety got a 1000 times worse and I got blackouts and have been in the hospital for it. And they wrote me antidepressents and anxiety meds that havnt helped much.

And now Im scared to take the ndt. Im so close to falling to where the point I wont get up again.

My anxiety is there 24/7 and it feels hopeless. I just want to be good again. :-(


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Poor you, it's horrible isn't it. Are you able to buy Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield's book 'Your Thyroid and How To Keep It Healthy'? It's available on Amazon or Thyroid UK's online bookshop. It is a guide on how to self treat thyroid disorders and will guide you on how to take NDT.


Do you have a print-out of your latest blood test results for thyroid hormones, i.e. TSH, T4, T3 and Free T4 and Free T3 and thyroid antibodies. Make sure the ranges as also stated.

Anxiety is of the many clinical symptoms and there many:


Anybody who have had this issue? Is it possible ndt will make me feel even worse?

I cant buy the book right now but I will look it up. Thanks.

My Tsh have got higher and I will either take more levo or start with ndt.

I just wanted some help from others, who maybe had the same thoughts and how it was. I just want to feel better. At this point Ive almost given up. Its just pain and more pain. .


Hi I am so sorry you are feeling so unwell. I too was really anxious about taking ndt especially as I had bought it online from Thialand and was worried I could be taking anything. I needn't have worried though. I switched to Thiroyd I just stopped taking levothyroxine one day and started with a low dose gradually building up. I haven't suffered with anxiety but when I started the thiroyd I experienced an amazing sense of calm which despite a hectic job and the recent sickness and death of a relative being their main carer, organising their funeral etc nothing phased me. The calmness remains. Read the advice on dosing and start gradual, I found my body had gave me a sign when I need more medication I get a dull ache in my jaw. I find this especially helpful if I forget to take a tablet when busy at work. Shortly after taking the ache disappears. If you listen to your body it will guide you. Before taking ndt I had hit rock bottom with my health and felt I had nothing to loose. I'm not medically trained but talking of my own experience. Make sure you read all the other advise on here about vit b, vit D, folate and a gluten free diet etc. As trying to change just one thing may not work.


Thank you for your reply.

Its hard to feel crap and the doctors just dont seem to care or be aware of problems.

I wish I had a guide that would just tell me do this and this and it will work for you but it seems its different for all people.

Its a crapdisease to have.

The feeling of calm you are talking about seems so far away. Ive almost never had that in my life.

I just need to have some hope that it can get better, the doctors just want me to take a 100 other pills and doesnt seem to care about how to really help.


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