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Dont know

Hello I was looking in the mirror today because I still have swallowing problems so I did the head tilt back and swallow thing to look at my neck to see if there is any abnormalities it seems to look like only when my head is tilted back there's some sort of a lump right beside my Adam's apple on the left side I would say it's the size of a quarter should I be concerned about this or is it just nothing the other side isn't like that

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Could it be my parathyroid cause I was diagnosed as having that but this doctor says I don't the original doctor said sometimes it works and sometimes it don't so he couldn't read it



I've no idea what the size of a quarter is but if you can see a lump you should ask your GP to palpate your throat and neck and arrange an ultrasound scan of your thyroid if a lump is detected.

Parathyroid glands are the size of a grain of rice. It's unlikely the lump you detected is anything to do with your parathyroid glands.

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Hi Theresa72,

Have you had a blood test for Vitamin B12 yet?

Amongst many other things, difficulty swallowing can be caused by low Vitamin B12. Without reading all you posts, I can't see if you have autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's), but many people with autoimmune conditions are low in Vit B12.

I have a 3-monthly Vit B12 injection and I find that my swallowing problems are worse around two months after my injection. When I've had the injection , the swallowing problem improves.

It's worth talking to your GP about it as having difficulty swallowing is very uncomfortable and a simple regular injection may help.

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Hello I'm not sure if I have autoimmune thyroiditis but I know that I do I don't think she's tested me for that because my thyroid readings are always up and down they're never the same Plus I do have vitamin B12 injections once a month shots that my GP gives me for me to do myself only thing is that I'm due for another injection and maybe you are right about that the only reason why I haven't done it yet is because my fiance is the one that does it and I always forget but I will not forget tonight and see what happens I know I have a vitamin B12 problem and vitamin D problem because I'm on 50 thousand units of vitamin D once a week and I'm out of those also I've been really trying to take a lot of other vitamins in the last few days maybe I should go get some zinc I have Biotin and B 12 pills but those don't work my body does not absorb them this problem is very bothersome it's worse when I'm laying in bed I don't know why but if I turn my head to the left it disappears and I can swallow normal


I'm exactly the same, it causes me more problems at night time, but is better if I turn my head to one side!

I only ever sleep on my side now, never on my back, otherwise I wake up feeling as if I'm choking, I use pillows to stop me rolling over completely onto my back, it works for me.

Regarding your thyroiditis - if your results are 'up and down' then you most probably have Hashimoto's. You can confirm this by having private blood tests or asking your GP for thyroid antibody tests.

The GP won't treat you any differently if it's Hashimoto's (GPs are generally poor at treating thyroid problems, their training is poor and blinkered) but at least if you know, you can ask for further advice from the knowledgable people on this site.

Poorly treated thyroiditis can also cause the 'lump in the throat problem' as well and as you seem to be getting reasonably good B12 therapy, it could be that you are not converting your T4 efficiently.

1) Get the antibody test done

2) Optimise thyroid therapy by optimising your iron and ferritin levels, selenium levels, as you are with Vit D and Vit B12

3) Get your thyroid blood test results and post them on a new posting, so you can be advised on how to obtain better treatment.



Will definitely do that

Even the ENT can't help she sent me to somebody else to do a full scope down to my stomach I know it has nothing to do with my stomach I don't even have heartburn or anything they have done scans of my neck barium swallow nothing has came up I know it has to do with my thyroid because this happened after I stopped my medication but I'm on it now and it's stayed the same hand the vitamin B12 thank you so much for your advice really helps to know I'm not the only one


The clicking sound can even be heard


I know what you are going through, I've had all of those tests to be told "there's nothing wrong".

I've noticed over the last six months that my symptoms worsen 2 months after my 3-monthly B12 injection, therefore I'm going to self medicate with monthly injections as I cannot get more frequently from my GP. I also find that taking my vit and mineral supplements regularly helps.

When you have autoimmune illnesses, you just have to 'chip away' at the symptoms and find out what works best for you. This site has helped me tremendously


You don't get monthly injections of B12 I get monthly injections of B12 I just asked him to fill out a prescription and I pick them up at the pharmacy once a month


No, not monthly.

Many GPs interpret the guidelines to mean that 3-monthly is adequate, they ignore the guidelines regarding weekly loading injections etc. My GP gives me a prescription for 6 ampoules, I collect it, take it to the surgery and the nurse injects me every three months. If I try and book my next injection even a couple of days earlier than three months, the receptionist pulls me up!

Unfortunately, I didn't know about the guidelines when I first started getting B12 injections. If I wanted to prove to the GP now that I need them more frequently I would have to stop taking any supplements/injections for at least 5 months to clear my system. If I went without B12 supplements for 5 months you'd have to scrape me up off the floor - so the solution to my struggle is to self medicate.

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