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Advice please


Hi this isn't for myself my husband had to go for his routine bloodo due to borderline diabetes he is also on statins I noticed on his blood test they tested for Thyroid he doesn't feel unwell keeps active with long dog walks does 2 and half hours morning hrs half afternoon plus keep busy doing other things... I noticed his TSH was 2.84 mu/L 0.3-5.0 Free T4 8.9 pmol/L 8.4-19.1 no T3 test done he doesn't feel unwell and GP said all ok except got to watch cholesterol borderline diabeties more bloods in 6 weeks time

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High cholesterol was one of the diagnostic markers for hypothyrodism before the TSH bloodtest.

momo1948 in reply to miglet54

Thank you I have just gave him some reading up about it it's because he feels well but he has put on weight though a lot all on his tummy area everywhere else is ok but he eats too much sweet stuff cakes puddings eats most things been on statins a good few years


Some links which may be helpful. miglet54 has responded about cholestrol and hypothyroidism, which is correct. Unfortunately, doctors nowadays no longer are aware of clinical symptoms as before blood tests were introduced we were diagnosed upon clinical symptoms. Your husband's FT4 is low so I would assume his FT3 is also low. T3 is the active hormone required in our receptor cells.

momo1948 in reply to shaws

Thank you I hope I have got through to him typical man.. and takes Gps at their word I made that mistake and was unwell for few years I know more now about thyroid problems so I was surprised to see his results he shows no signs at all always on the go hardly ever sits down

Marz in reply to momo1948

In that case he may have Hashimotos ... so will need the antibodies tested ...

My husband was diagnosed at 73 with zero symptoms - well not any that he would admit 😊

momo1948 in reply to Marz

Hello Marz,my husband when he has a cold etc he goes on about it but any other things that should cause concern says nothing.. I've always been concerned about these statins he has been on for good few years all I get off him is they keep my blood pressure in check and I'm only on the lowest dose and says I'm only borderline cholesterol I was only borderline thyroid good few years back nothing was done about it till 2 years later with PA as well I felt awful. It's only Thanks to folks here I gained bit more knowledge still learning.. Hubby says OK I'll cut down and lose bit of weight but I'm not unwell so I don't need more tests

Marz in reply to momo1948

shaws - has given you some links to Dr Malcolm Kendrick above - I can see that you haven't had time to read them yet as your reply to her came back fast. Now he is a MAN too and and will inform your husband that there is very little evidence to support the use of Statins.

He wrote the book - The Cholesterol Con - which will explain things. There is NO such thing as Good or Bad Cholesterol - cholesterol is a chemical - and so cannot be both. It was the way Statins were marketed to capture the understanding of the public - and boy did it work. HDL and LDL are transporters/proteins that carry cholesterol to and from the liver.

Not sure that cholesterol reduces blood pressure. Does he take CoQ10 - needed in every cell of the body for energy within. VitK2 - which directs Calcium away from the arteries into the bones and teeth. Both these important items are blocked along with the cholesterol in the liver and never prescribed by GP's. Cholesterol is needed to synthesise VitD and the brain is 25% Cholesterol. Ever wondered why Dementai is on the rise - with 7 million or is it 12 on statins then ask no more :-)

The above link takes you to a research paper explaining why statins can cause heart disease ....

Statins can cause diabetes. Look it up

momo1948 in reply to rocheen

Yes I did and made him read it all he says now is ill eat healthy more now let's see ?

I was borderline diabetic and 12 months later full diabetic, three months on I was borderline .I had cut out all the cakes ,deserts etc.

Trying to get through to my hubby is hard work I told him go get a full thyroid blood check not sure if that's right?

Fasting plasma glucose 6.8 mmol/London 3.5-6.0

Cholesterol 4.2 mmol/L Triglycerides 2.21 mmol/L <2.26 HDL cholesterol 1.12 mmo/L LDL cholesterol 2.07 mmol/L <3.0 Total cholesterol 3.8 do these look like border line diabetes? I've only just learnt more about thyroids myself still am...

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