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thyroid tests

Been on levythyroxine for one year or just over. TSH was 35 to start with. Levelled out in august so she left me for six months on 75 levythroxine. After 6 month test TSH is back up to 12.6 and ft4 is 12.7. She didnt know wether to up my dose so rang the lab. She now wants a repeat test. However i upped my dose because to me its clearly hypo and ive not been well. I cant repeat the test now as it will have gone up. Should i have needed extra levpthyroxine

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Hi nosy, very few people stay at 75 mcgs. of levothyroxine and have raises in dose every few weeks until stabelized. But there is much more to being hypo than taking a pill. Have you tried going gluten free? If you can watch an ongoing program on the internet, you can learn a lot about different methods for treating Hashimoto's. thethyroidsecret.com/episod...


Did you do without your meds before the blood test? You know that you should not take thyroxine within 24 hours of a blood draw? Take it directly after as the blood tests only measure whats in your blood , not whether it is working.

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