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Finally found endo that would help but CCG have blocked him!

Just had telephone call with the very nice endo he told me he and the whole area has been blocked from prescribing t3 and he combo. The reason from CCG is that it doesn't work but my endo gave them evidence to show that was BS (one being from European Journal of Endocrinology) He's appealed the decision 3 times (recenlty this month) thinks it's ridiculous and said people should be allowed to try the combo.

Finally found a good endo but other stupid docs letting him and everyone of us down!

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Hypo101 Would he support you if you bought your own T3? Worth asking as he is pro-T3.


I have T3 here already and didn't think of asking him that til like 5 minutes ago. I'm seeing him in April anyway.

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If the CCG has withdrawn your prescription you should appeal and show the CCG and your GP this BTA statement british-thyroid-association...

Perhaps send a copy to your endo too.

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They haven't withdrawn it. I've been fighting to get for like last year or more.

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Perhaps you could send them the statement anyway.


Oh dear that sounds bad, what area of the country? Praying its not the one I'm seeing end of April. So bad what is going on, not fair on those that desperately need it. Never mind a thyroid storm we need a thyroid revolution.


I think it is a blanket ban and believe it is only due to the exhorbitant cost nowadays. A perfect excuse if there ever was one. The authorities don't even read Research which has proven more people benefit from T3/T4 than T4 only.

The first is from one of our Adviser's Team:-

Excerpt and still the Associations turn a deaf ear after years of patients never feeling well.

Chapter 7

Safely Getting Well

with Thyroid Hormone

ONE OF THE WORST DISASTERS in the history of medicine is the

endocrinology specialty’s modern guidelines for diagnosing and

treating patients whose bodies are under-regulated by thyroid

hormone. These guidelines and the beliefs they’re based on have

caused a worldwide public health crisis. It involves the chronic illness

of scores of millions of people and the premature deaths of

incalculable numbers more. Each year, billions of dollars are spent

for drugs intended to control patients’ chronic symptoms; the drugs

are largely ineffective and often induce adverse effects in the

patients. Researchers who fail to recognize that the cause of the

patients’ symptoms is under-regulation by thyroid hormone do

studies looking for other causes. Since they are blinded to the real

culprit, their fruitless efforts squander billions of research dollars.

We learned of this public health disaster through our study of

fibromyalgia patients. Our research taught us the main underlying

cause of most of the patients’ fibromyalgia symptoms: under-regulation

of their bodies by thyroid hormone. After learning this, we

developed metabolic rehab, a treatment method that helps patients

recover normal metabolism. The treatment involves the use of thyroid

hormone, but in ways that differ from the method the endocrinology

specialty has imposed on most doctors and patients.

Most patients who undergo conventional thyroid hormone therapy

remain ill. In stark contrast, some 85% of patients who undergo

metabolic rehab fully and lastingly recover. In this chapter, we

explain how patients use thyroid hormone in metabolic rehab.




Why do doctors think that if the natural thyroid makes T1, T2, T3, T4 and calcitonin that its OK to replace with T4 alone?


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