High cortisol & NDT

So I saw my endo last week and showed him my saliva test results for cortisol and dhea. He agreed cortisol was running high and suggested I lower my ndt from 2.5 grains to 2, as it can make the symptoms worse. My latest blood test was acceptable (suppressed tsh, mid fT4 and just higher than mid ft3). I am thinking lowering isn't a good idea. I've been reading on sttm that high cortisol can be caused by not being on enough. This morning my resting heart rate was back to 60 (I'm 61 and unfit) and temperature 36c. I am gaining weight and my bp is high acceptable, although when I stand it goes low. Dry skin, very dry eyes overnight (need drops), get tired in the afternoon, etc. I'm thinking possibly more ndt, rather than less. Thoughts?

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  • Imho I agree with you :) room for improvement and increase by the sound of it. hopefully someone with knowledge on lowering cortisol will be on soon, I had highs and lows so different but couldn't tolerate any adrenal support I tried.

  • I'm sorry to hear you had adrenal probs. I was on the min dose of Levo for like 18 months before I saw an endo privately (gp wouldn't refer me). He immediately doubled my dose, saying it was obvious I was on far too low a dose. I'm wondering if that exacerbated my problems. I might try 2.75 and see how I feel. I can always lower it .25 again.

  • Sounds sensible :) good luck


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