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Exposing NHS

With reference to my previous posts. Please also Google carol woods, whistleblower, and what happened to her as she began the snowball effect of exposing corruption and measures taken to 'shut her up' - sectioned illegally etc. Ref :Daily mail and freedom talk radio. Her info keeps being removed also.

After living a quiet life in Cumbria for over 20yrs, my family were, (and still is) subjected to the following over a one year period after pursuing issues with NHS.

Burglarly, harrassment, medical negligence, wilful neglect, loss of job/home -(daughter), hacking of phone/email accounts, theft from home (nhs proof). 2 local banks acting inappropriately'- (shutting down daughters bank account with money in and refusing to write her a letter confirming new address as all paperwork stolen in burglary. Large amount of money wrongly taken out of my bank acc and put on monthly direct debit - energy company. Facebook hacked AFTER putting info about daughters with proof. Male nurse ringing my workplace to jeopardize job whilst breaking data protection act. Threats to stab/glass youngest daughter. Section of daughter after heart attack and adrenal insufficiency. Refusal by police to act - crime wave in cumbria?? as police then appear everywhere i go - videoded.

Told i had suspected cancer for what is actually an inappropriately treated infection after thyroid surgery (resulting in partially collapsed lung which was left for over 6mths). Gp did not follow protocol for suspected cancer, saying he'd 'monitor' for 8mths. He didnt do a thing.

Referred to gp's physio 'friend' for ongoing back pain after RTA resulting in him damaging back further and putting me off work and on morphine. (These are 2 examples of drs relentless refusal to help and to cause ongoing pain/illness to prevent pursual of nhs issues.) Gp did not deny and then smiled when i said the aim of drs appeared to be to cause pain/suffering to my family. Slander, etc.

Blocking by all authorities including MP. (I suspect, due to Police 'input')

My place of work currently has a new , ex-NHS ambulance worker who in the space of 10 days has:

1) made a 'complaint' against me stating, i " kept looking away" during handover , whilst, "tapping my pen". The manager also stated i had made a medication error which turned out not to be the case.

2) is passive agressive. Asks me opinions then twists the answers to then repeat

3) repeats info from other staff which is inaccurate designed to cause me to become angry at them

4) left a note for senior staff stating she is fed up of 'lazy staff' ' . The aim is to turn other staff against me whilst being 'super nice' to all other staff so therefore it must be me at fault.

The aim is to cause me to lose my job, then home (due to this being done to my daughter).

I cover my backside at all times by taping everything.

My advice to anyone thinking of pursuing NHS issues. Tell no-one what your planning to do. Collect proof of everything and go to a solicitor. Bypass the nhs complaints procedure as you will then be on their 'radar'. The IP bill has screwed your right to privacy when the NHS has been given the right to view your internet viewing history - alongside all the other authorities who can now snoop on you!

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I should add that i could not include all info re what has been done to us as there is so much!


I also believe that all the peripheral things which occurred at the same time as the serious nhs complaint was made, such as harrassment and messing with our finances etc, were done for a number of reasons;

1) to distract to give the nhs time to put measures in place to discredit us. Such as flooding med records with inaccurate info, hide medical info and most importantly for them, to place inaccurate mental health 'diagnosis'. For my daughter, a bleeding ulcer and adrenaline rushes - (dx'd much later as ulcer and adrenal insufficiency) was dx'd at the time as anxiety and somatisation so as to refuse treatment. They lied re her results then sectioned her coz we were too quick to get the complaint in and demand answers. They played for time constantly. There are still no answers re the 9.6 cm stomach mass and raised chromagranin A.

2) to distract you with dealing with other issues so their 3 year time frame for being able to take legal action is lessened.

3) to cause massive ongoing stress so you will drop it. A woman made a comment to my daughter after she was sectioned

"I think someones mother will be joining her soon"

This woman didnt know me. I hadnt spoken to her and had been calm and collected. I was however , receiving harrassment which i had not discussed with my daughter until months later. They clearly underestimated my resilience!


The whole complaints procedure is corrupt, see, which explains what happens when you make a complaint.


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