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NHS sponsor employees to retrain !!!!


I am absolutely spitting feathers right now. My new landlord has told me that his daughter who went to uni, got a good degree, got an NHS job in admin, is now being sponsored by the NHS to retrain for the Clergy.

Therefore what would £250k be to the NHS if I sued them for leaving me to rot for 36 years? Because of their behaviour over those 36 years, I had to sell my home (in 2006) to live off the equity. That equity has obviously now gone & I am virtually destitute.

I will be doing my absolute utmost to sue the NHS - one way or another.

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being sponsored by the NHS to retrain for the Clergy.


Are they trying to reduce staff numbers? Is her job surplus to requirements? If so why not make her redundant and let her get on with finding another career herself??

How many more are they sponsoring to retrain and at what cost?

This is beyond crazy.

Doctors are denying us medication and investigations yet spending money on this? The world has gone mad!!

Was unable to comprehend the total hypocrisy and immorality of it when I was told. Not as though this young woman can't afford to go off at her own expense to train for her clergy career.


First of all I would make an appointment to see your MP and tell him your awful story abut having to sell your home and the fact that the NHS are sponsering an employee when many thyroid hormone patients cannot get prescribed the hormones they require to be well.

He must know that T3 was withdrawn

What does that mean "to retrain for the Clergy". Is she now following another road to heal souls instead of bodies,

marigold22 in reply to shaws

An MP won't/can't do anything to help me.

marigold22 in reply to shaws

I'm not the only woman on this forum who has had to sell her home to surivive & not starve to death. I've spoken online to a few, that's without even trying to find them

We'll I've heard it all now. What an absolute disgrace. Between an ineffective Jeremy Hunt & ineffective management heavy NHS.....I wish we could sack the lot of them ourselves.

All that bl@@dy money is for the sick & not wannabes!!

What a disgrace !! . How about you name and shame the Health Authority concerned......and take it to the press.

marigold22 in reply to bernie51

Feel like doing that bernie51.

Except if my new landlord read it I would probably get evicted. I cannot win

You could ask for anonymity... The press would be happy to change your name to protect you, but this disgraceful story needs to be publicised. I see so many #thankyouNHS on Twitter, and rightly so, but wasting money on retraining somebody for the clergy... Really??? Goes in the same category as paying Richard Branson £2million for his failing to secure a contract for his pathetic VirginCare!

If you were truthful during the vetting, keep the property decent, don't annoy the neighbours and pay the rent, your landlord won't evict you. No landlord wants to go to the expense of finding a new tenant when the current one is paying the rent and looking after the property.

With respect Angel_of_the_North, I have kept my millionaire landlord's property in tip top condtion for 8 years, yet he did a revenge eviction on me one month ago as I had asked for very needed work to be done; he is so tight fisted. I'm certain now it's a revenge eviction. Paid my rent dot on the due date for 8 years. Please don't be naive.

Ok, most landlords wouldn't - and I know a lot of them. Of course, section 24 is meaning that a lot of landlords need to sell up, so there'll be more s21 evictions because of that - but that's the government's fault.

Hi Marigold22

Would it be to train as a hospital Chaplain. See link:


Probably one of the hospital staff roles many of us in general attending hospital never come into contact with but there are many with sick family/children/friends have probably found their comfort invaluable.

I feel your pain of treatment in the nhs, I am sure the majority feel the same unfortunately the nhs is not some multi billion company its paid by the people for the people but managed by an idiot.

It's very galling to read about this. I've come across companies who make people redundant and offer to help them retrain- it sames them money in the long run if they want to reduce staff. When it suits them, the NHS behaves like a business. When it doesn't they do things like refusing to buy T3 more cheaply- what real business would go on paying those prices?

Reply to all:

I'm sorry but I don't understand how can training existing educated NHS staff to become chaplains be wrong. They are trained to be non denominational, I for one am atheist but can see their benefit. I had a friend who lost her father and had great relief /counselling.

Mental health issues are on the increase along with suicide. From a personal /professional basis I hear on many occasion how issues have arisen from the loss of a loved one. Had someone been there at the onset to give counselling support such as a chaplain who knows would it alleviate the issues.

There currently is a major lack of resources for mental health anything that may reduce issues has to be good! Or am I wrong,

marigold22 in reply to mtcorr

I personally would have thought there were an adequate number of trained clergy who could fill a post for a hospital chaplain. I'm not saying hospitals should not have chaplains; I was helped by one when my premature baby died. But - I do not consider it correct, equitable or moral that the cash strapped NHS should be paying for the training.

I think this is where the problem lies the NHS would employ a chaplain within their hospital. Clergy are quite a separate matter outside of the NHS. I can understand the training of chaplains as they work within the NHS. The NHS training staff for clergy outside of the NHS would be a completely different matter.

Perhaps this should be clarified with the girl in question As the NHS training staff to be chaplains could at least be understood even if not agreed with. Training for outside clergy less so.

I cannot talk for other denominations but I know that for the Catholic faith there is a distinct lack of priests. Probably where a need for a chaplain stems from they reach across faiths /beliefs and can be there for everyone.

I haven't actually confirmed with the father of the young woman in question. He is my new landlord and was afraid to ask questions. All I know right now is that the NHS is 'sponsoring' her to train for her 'preferred' profession - the Cloth. Will try to find out more in a round about way.


I found this, it may explain more.


But in brief:

The NHS Chaplaincy programme is part of NHS England’s drive to ensure good patient care and compliance with policy and legislation:

Compliance with the legal duties in the Equality Act 2010 – ensuring due regard to the protected characteristics on religion and belief

Compliance with the NHS Constitution Principle 1 of ensuring comprehensive service for all irrespective of gender, race, disability, age, religion, belief.

Compliance with NHS England’s business planning for 2013 – 14 ‘Putting people first’ Priority 8 in Promoting equality and reducing inequalities in health outcomes and the Five Year Forward View on Empowering Patients and Engaging Communities.

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