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So following on from my post 17hrs ago, i find the following tonight;

My 16yr old is at her paternal grandparents and realises a scrape on her foot appears infected. Taken to out of hours dr at carlisle (graze area is red, sore and oozing green) The dr grills her , such as, where did you do it (specific answer requested), how did you do it - specifics. Who were you with? She replied, workmates and boyfriend. He demands the boyfriend's name. Who has parental responsibility," your mum i suppose. " He asks her if shes under 'safeguarding'. She replies " no". Then says these are standard questions.

They are not. The above is a result of previous med negligence/ wilful neglect and some of the 'measures' i predicted the nhs would take. Last Monday my daughter went on a works xmas do. Her employer provided her, and others with free alcohol from lunchtime onwards despite knowing her age. She was then taken to A&E after passing out, hitting her head and vomiting repeatedly whilst unconscious and semi conscious. Nothing whatsoever was done for her at hospital. Not even a glass of water. A nurse rang me, not to tell me about her physical health but to tell me she would be referred to 'safeguarding' due to being drunk and under 16 despite the circumstances being clearly explained. I corrected her age and was told under 18's too. I was told to expect a phone call. Still havent received this. I tried twice to place a review on the nhs website for carlisle. It would not send the link to my email to verify so the review could not be placed. Actively blocking me from placing a bad review! This is what you can expect from carlisle!! Cumbria i can assure people, is an extremly unpleasant place if you make a complaint . Everyone knows everyone or is related.

I will persist however ,as i always do.

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  • Yes, parenting can be daunting. Sometimes you do everything that is humanly possible for them and they still screw up - horribly. I don't know what to tell you except that you had two incidents close together in time and the second one (at the doctors) got wind of the first one (getting plastered) and the doc went to town with it. Welcome to parenting a teenager. I think I would say, choose your battles, let the one with the NHS go. Let's hope that the bad experience she had with getting drunk inoculates her against heavy drinking for the rest of her life - it did for me. I gave myself a hangover at the age of 16 at my first "grown up" party - I have only had 2 hangovers in my life, the second was 40 years later at a new year's eve party, champagne both times.

  • This was more to do with 2 members of the police previously reporting my daughter to safeguarding with completely inaccurate info and then a dr. This isnt coincidence but my story is compllcated and in previous posts under roubyroo and now rouby

  • Oh goodness how stressful for you. It's not as if at 16 you can restrict her going places anyhow. Also if there were adults at this party then they were the ones at the time negligent not you. I hope you get it sorted. I am having a nightmare with the nhs at the moment. It seems they are just becoming more and more dire. My two sons have autism which I know is linked to my lack of diagnosis of being hypo in pregnancy and properly medicated. They both have physical things going on that need investigations properly. My elder son has severe IBS symptoms and has done since birth. My youngest needs occupational therapy as he lacks grip in his fingers and hands. All's they do is send you on parenting courses and leave physical things and never investigate properly. My elder son is 9 now and still suffering daily with bowel problems which is totally unacceptable. I am sick of going to them to see pediatricians and then sent on a parenting course! And the real issues just being left. You challenge them they like to bully you it's not on at all.

  • It sounds like because your children had problems caused by the nhs, they will keep suggesting parenting course to then make it your problem. You sound as if they're blocking you from receiving correct care due to the fault laying with them. Good luck in your pursuit of help . its the way the nhs appear to deal with issues now.

  • I know thanks and it's frustrating but will keep pestering them especially with things like my sons bowel problems as its things like chrones disease and IBS that are common with autistic kids. There is something physical causing that and no amount of parenting courses are going to help him get that sorted.

  • You go girl xxx

  • Seems very heavy handed to me. You go get them. If you can't get through online, old fashioned snail mail (recorded delivery to a named person) will get there.

  • Ive had 3 parcels opened and a letter from the crown prosecution service opened prior to receiving it re my daughters burglary. Amazon acc interefered with etc etc.

  • That's scary. Make sure you take photos of anything arriving opened and tampered with and log down the dates and report it to royal mail. We have had similar things happening with out mail but that's because our postman is dodgy and opening things.

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