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hair loss question

i was wondering when people suffer hair loss during levo adjustment how they deal with it?and why they dont take vitamins like B6?

do vitamins help or not?

also on leaf let of levothyroxine 100 mg packet says that hair loss may be one of the effects but it doesn't say that it will grow up.

when i was on carbimazole i was losing a lot of hair now this

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I lost a lot on levo. I was supplementing but it didn't do anything. A lot was round my temples and forehead area but was filling the plug everytime I washed my hair also my clothes would be covered in hair daily and me having to pick it off, hair brushes full, all over pillow when I woke. It's really worrying I know. Now I have a Fringe and it hasn't grown back on my temples. I eventually started taking NDT and it stopped but I think people say once you reach the correct dose on levo the hair loss slows down and then stops.


I'm sorry that you're losing your hair. It may be that it has just presented at the same time. There is a type of hair loss called androgenetic alopecia which is an auto immune condition and no amount of supplementation will bring the hair back.

It isn't easy to deal with but once diagnosed there is very little to be done. With female pattern baldness you do not lose all your hair rather it becomes very fine and breaks off typically in a pattern across the crown and at the front. There is a Ludwig scale here

Minoxidil may prevent further loss but won't bring hair back. There will be a shed of hair when it is first used. It must be continued lifelong or what hair has been preserved may fall out.

Wigs and hairpieces are not what they were. Many female newscasters wear supplemental hair as do many others in the public eye. Were I at the start of my hair loss journey I would be wearing one of these


Low iron levels have been associated with hair loss in some studies. Easily found is you search for hair loss/iron deficiency. Ask for a serum ferritin test.


Low iron, low vitamin D and low levels of B vitamins have all been linked to hair loss.

So if your levels of haemoglobin, ferritin, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and/or folate are not optimal - and by optimal it doesn't mean just in range (particularly the NHS ranges) - then you may experience hair loss.

Nutrient deficiencies are common with thyroid conditions due to their effect on metabolism.

So try and get these checked on the NHS, and if you can't get them done privately using either medichecks or blue horizon.


Many hypo people lose a lot of hair and most have tried everything possible to get it to regrow. Some succeed; some don't. Optimum B12. ferritin, folate, D3 and biotin might help. So might T3.


low stomach acid thus not digesting your food propertly--bloating and or constipation common in hair loss ...

thus you have to treat the deficienicies and the low stomach acid with hci w pepsin or enzymes....and b12 , d3, ferritin iron etc.......

so many times hair loss is a combination of things....even hormonal change of any kind...too much or too little vitamin a., etc


Remember as well that it takes Hair a long time to grown back so it takes a time to notice any difference

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