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Ran out of Armour


Well, while on vacation my Armour bottle opened up and got destroyed in my purse. I have run out and I had one grain in the am yesterday morning (Saturday). I am supposed to take 2 grains per day. So, I have not had any since yesterday am and cannot get the prescription refilled until tomorrow afternoon. Can I take some of the levothyroxine that I have?

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If that was me I would take it. If I was on 2 grains I'd prob take about 150 mcg Levothyroxine per day until I got my prescription.


If you switched to Armour out of choice, but had been reasonably OK on levothyroxine, it is unlikely to be a major issue. If you couldn't cope with levothyroxine at all, that would be another issue.

Territl01 in reply to helvella

thanks, no problems on levo except wasn't optimal for me. I just didn't want to cause issues

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