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I've been struggling for nearly 10 years with Hypo, and had one nodule removed from my thyroid and one remains on the right.

The most recent ultrasound have measurements which I was told was at the size where it could be removed but not required.

I chose to leave it (seriously the ENT PA have grown irritated with me and I him) which is what he suggested and urged me to accept as well.

I'm on Synthroid currently 100 mag which has stayed this way for years after going up and down yet not really cared about by my doctors.

I have a great doctor out of the immediate area and he's wonderful and I see him Tuesday and I want to have him give me a complete blood work up as I'm going to a Nutritionist recommended by my new massage therapist.

I was so relieved when she started talking about her recent succcess and the issues she was dealing with for years and of course as we all are aware, was told depression, getting old, stress, anxiety etc., and how she has totally changed in less than 3 months.

I was so happy I was almost in tears and out stories were identical and I'd finally let out a sigh of relief.

I know that the Nutritionist put her on iodine drops, and GTA FORTE for her thyroid however she doesn't recall what tests were taken.

I have BCBS and want my Primary doctor to run my labs (she doesn't accept insurance or at least not mine) to save me money.

I am hoping I can get a complete just of what I should ask him to run that has any, even the most minute chance of indicating a need of intervention.

I have made a decision and I'm determined to do what it takes to not allow myself to remain ignorant of my options and my doctor is just GP but he truly cares and he is all for me gathering information for him and he accommodates.

He understands how much my life and happiness has been impacted because of the former dismissive doctors.

I've got bad digestive issues and having my heart checked out as well Tuesday. My problems may be Thyroid related I don't know but I'm tired of being sick and tired. I know I was happy and healthy once but I'll be darned if I can recall how it felt.

I'll be making diet changes (I'll eat kale and veggies and pinto beans everyday if need be, which I happen to like very much) I'll be getting more good allergies done (I'm allergic to peanuts and soy by way of skin/digestive issues only) but previously couldn't afford more, and I'm getting tested by a Young Living rep for what oils my body needs.

I've found a few tests from different comments but was hoping I could get a complete list all together.

I am so happy I found out about this site today and want to Thank everyone for comments and posts because I know personally what it's like to question your own sanity.

Together we will get better!!

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Be very, very wary of iodine. A stupid doctor put me on iodine when I was in my thirties, and I don't think I'd be as bad as I am now, if he hadn't. It made everything an awful lot worse. Always get your iodine tested before even considering taking it. And, if you are hypo, avoid it like the plague! It is not what you need to 'treat', 'cure' or 'kick-start' your thyroid.


Thank you I don't want to invite any problems lol.

My labs came back Friday with high



And another one similar and my neumocytes or something spelled like that was low and I was told it's autoimmune related.

I have Thyroid problems and one nodule they didn't remove but my TSH and other results were within normal range and my doctor hadn't you'd me anything yet.

Would you have any idea what thus might indicate?


Not without seeing the results, no. Did you get a copy? If so, put them in a new question, with the ranges, and people will explain them to you. Just saying things were high, low or in range, doesn't tell us very much. :)

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I posted them in s new post so hopefully someone will be able to help

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