Nervous Nellie!!!!

Hi folks

I am having a CT Angiogram with contrast dye this Wednesday and am feeling rather nervous about it, i contacted the department to tell them i have an under active thyroid but they said no problem dont worry, well i do worry and wondered if anyone on here has had this done and where there any side effects.

I am having this done due to intermittent chest pain

Many thanks in advance

Dotti x

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  • I cannot answer your question but I wonder if your heart pain might be due too low a dose of thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones are very important for our heart as well as everything else in our body.

    Do you have a recent blood test result you can post with the ranges for comments from members. If not, put them on a new post with the ranges for comments if you don't have them at present.

    Has the doctor checked your FreeT4 and your Free T3 level to see if you have sufficient circulating in your body (if you're on T4 only). Read FT4 and FT3 in the following:-

  • Quite possibly Shaws am hoping to have a full thyroid profile done with blue horizon, i know my t3 is low from past thyroid tests a few years ago,my gp will not test t3 i have pestered and pestered to no avail.


  • Is it not ridiculous we cannot have a Full Thyroid Function test at least yearly. So we'd know how our bloods were doing etc.

  • I have had one, no problems at all. I also had a ct with contrast last Friday, absolutely fine. Don't worry.

  • Thank you so much


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