Been having throbbing pain right side of my neck that is there for about 5 seconds was having chest pain went to er blood work done all negAtive ekg normal chest xray normal took blood twice waited 4 hours then took another tube was told by doctor not having heart attack why did they take another tube 4 hours later I did pull neck muscle where shoulder and chest was swollen but this pain is in the middle of my neck any idea yt?

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  • Welcome to the forum. Could you give us anymore information? I am presuming you are a thyroid patient and do you feel that your medication is working? Do you have any bloods and ranges you can give us and has the hospital given you any follow up advice?

    Glad it's not a heart attack and I appreciate it can be very worrying and frightening when things happen that you have no idea about.

    More importantly have things settled down now.?

  • Anxiety can give you all of that. Try yoga, teach yourself to breath deeply and purposefully. You need to relax. They checked you over, this is not your heart, It may never happen again but if it does, be ready with breathing exercises to calm yourself down. What happened that day? What stress were you under?

    If you can recognise what set it off you can learn to either avoid or deal.

    Do you have adrenal fatigue? If you do and you get it treated you'll feel a lot more robust.

    Good luck, try not to panic.

  • Told me to ser cardiologist I insisted

  • Well your thyroid can give you palpitations so can the meds and it's deeply unpleasant, I hope you feel reassured after seeing a cardiologist.

  • Blood pressure slightly higher also

  • My blood pressure is normally 110/70 so pretty perfect. But for 4 months in 2011 it was HIGH. It came down as did my cholesterol when I got my thyroid meds right.

  • Taking bloods three or four hours apart is part of the normal routine to check if you are having a heart attack. They measure the difference in some blood markers between the two lots of blood and check for changes. I understand that it is very effective at defining exactly whether or not you are, or have had, a heart attack. So don't worry about that - they are just doing their job properly!

  • Doesn't sound like heart at all. Probably still the muscle you pulled. Try not to worry. Anxiety can do all sorts of horrid things and give you all sorts of symptoms.

    Heart attack more likely pain in chest, shoulder/arm arm, jaw crushing pains, you would know. Although saying that panic attacks also give you pain in chest and arms.

    Learn some relaxation techniques. Yoga and meditation work very well.

  • Would panic make pressure go up and down

  • Mine did.. I suffered from panic attacks for several years, I'd go from racing heart to really slow and nearly passing out. It's horrid. It's usually due to access adrenalin so I found if I felt one coming on if you can walk fast or run it uses the adrenalin up so it's not coursing around your body. Worse thing to keep still and concentrate on your symptoms as will make worse. Even though it's terrifying.

    Yoga and breathing techniques are so helpful. I went to a group organised through gp in the end, v helpful as with others all experiencing the same things. You realise you're not dying!

    So horrid.

    Ashwangandha I've heard is good for anxiety.

  • I will just quote and share what was very helpful for me from some experienced people from this forum..." the best thing I did was to join the gym and start lifting weights and getting fit, its proven when you get fit that it’s so powerful your DNA changes.

    My Insomnia gone, I get to sleep OK, have energy, moods are improved, everything gets better, I'm not saying it’s easy, but you have to be dedicated and motivated, maybe changing my diet to more protein based also helped. I was 120 kilos with impressive hypothyroid, high diabetes, clinical depression and fatty liver disease. I'm now 99 kilos after just 12 weeks, sleeping better with improved moods, memory. I will transform my body like a body builder and it seems it will transform inside along the way. I do workout 5 - 6 times a week, as I want my life back. IT WORKS.

    One thing to note about your gluten free diet. I assume you believe you have leaky gut syndrome, this may be true or not, who knows? I take L Glutamine 3 times a day this is supposed to repair a leaky gut. Also if you have Hashimotos L Glutamine is the building block for the immune system, so again another good reason to look at this Amino Acid. Also I read gluten intolerance may in fact be pesticide and herbicide intolerance, wash all your fruit and veg in apple cider vinegar and eat more protein based clean food, like eggs. Stay off sugar.

    This might help:


  • I love the gym too.....retiring and reducing stress helped a tremendous amount, but the gym cured my insomnia. Also I was very very week when diagnosed, also extreme vertigo. The elliptical and circuit workouts have brought me back to near normal. Great advice

  • Stormymilazzo

    Sounds like your shoulder muscle is in spasm,everything regarding arms,neck and shoulders are all connecting to the cervical part of muscles,of the anatomy get somebody to give you deep muscle massage,whilst your breathing in and out slowly as it will be painful...when hitting the spot....

  • Blood pressure is a little high I'm worried about blockage in my neck

  • Also get pain under left arm pit some time what is that all about

  • May sound weird but sometimes I get a throbbing sensation in my neck and what I started doing is mixing about a teaspoon and a half of sea salt with orange juice and drink it. Then it goes away till the next time. I think it may be related to adrenals. To keep it at bay I regularly take electrolyte tablets with my water

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