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NDT running low, help?!!!?



Hope everyone's been well! I've been off the site for a few months since I've been doing really well on thiroyd, but am down to about 1/4 tub and finding it really difficult to repurchase online now- I guess the rules have changed/ tightened... and was wondering what everyone else on ndt are doing about their meds/ could help me...

I would be forever indebted to you if you pm me a supplier (I guess this is now also not ok per guidelines though...)

Alternatively, I'm happy to try other NDTs/ go to a ndt sympathetic endo based in london (to explain I've now been self medicating for 9 months with drastic improvements) or try t3/t4 (last resort) but I'm not willing to subject myself to a poorly, non fully functional life back on t4 only.

This makes me feel quite frustrated as I just don't understand how it can be so difficult to ask for something as simple as having a healthy life with no depression, pain, lethargy or general "I feel shitty" every day...and it seems as soon as you kind of sort yourself out, the carrot keeps getting pulled further and further out of reach!

Help? Please?

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There's no shortage of Thiroyd as far as I'm aware. Members will send you sources via private message as requested.

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