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Multiple symptoms


I'm new to this forum but have been a subscriber of health unlocked for a while.

I was wondering whether anyone may have experienced autoimmune symptoms but don't have a positive Ana.?

I have raynaurds, or at least a type or circulation / vascular disorder.

I constantly feel light headed/ slightly dizzy.

Inflammation which visually showsmore around my eyes, feet and hands. Overall stiffness in joints.

Fatigued and ibs symtoms.

I had stomach ulcers that are now healing with pantaprozole.

All of the symptoms come and go in severity.

Yoga helps with the stiffness and circulation.

My b12 was 132, iron 12.

I had slightly low D vitamin.

I have had lots of blood tests but nothing conclusive and I am desperate for a diagnosis as I'm struggling to work.

Has anyone had a similar experience?

Thanks ☺

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Hi sorry to hear you are feeling so unwell. Have you had thyroid tested if so post results on here and members will advise cause some times gp say they are normal which means just in range not necessarily right for you to feel well. you haven't included ranges for b12 and iron these are the figures in brackets which will help to see how low you are.low b12 can cause dizzy spells and pain in joints . Hope this helps .


Welcome to the forum, Chillybilly.

Have you had any blood tests for thyroid and/or thyroid antibodies? Look for results and ranges for TSH, T4, T3 and thyroid peroxidase antibodies (TPOab).

B12 132 looks very low to me and I suspect you are B12 deficient. Contact for advice on B12 deficiency.

What is your vitamin D result?


Hi and welcome to the group.

For a start - something you can address. Some of your symptoms will be linked to your very low b12 level. Though you haven't given ranges, by any measure 132 is extremely low and needs investigating further. The pa group are the experts in low levels, investigation and treatment. Also ask them about folate levels in conjunction, even though you haven't given it, your level may well be low also and this works in conjunction with b12.

Vit D also needs to be at higher levels - we generally quote 100-120 - for good health.

As for the rest, symptoms can overlap in many conditions, but thyroid is definitely a possibility. Have your tests included TSH, FT4, FT3, TPOab and TGab? if not then I would suggest you either ask for them to be tested or test privately through Blue Horizons or medichecks. You also need results for ferritn, folate, vit D and vit B12. These are the ones which would prove or otherwise that you have a tyroid problem. Without these we would be guessing.

The ibs symtoms could be the typical food intolerances found in Hashimotos auto-immune thyroiditis, especially gluten but other big categories are dairy and soy.

Good luck

Gillian xx


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