multiple auto immunes

Hi, does anyone here suffer from multiple auto immune diseases? I have SS, RA and possible Graves. My Graves antibody test came back negative but both eyes are protruded slightly and I keep getting swelling around my left eye. I don't see how it couldn't be Graves but one weird thing is my body seems to swell and ache more on the left side of the body like lymph nodes, muscles and now my left eye. does that happen to anyone else here? Do you take the same drug to treat all of your immune diseases?

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  • There are many of us on here with multiple autoimmune disorders as once you have one, it seems to predispose you to have others. I am hypo with Hashimotos, also PsA, spondyloarthritis, lymphocytic colitis. Have you had your eyes checked at your opticians? They should be able to tell you if there is any increased pressure behind/in your eyes. Clemmie

  • I was checked by my regular eye doctor. She usually just checks me once a year for the side effect of the Plaquinil I take but she wanted someone above her to check my eyes to determine if I was stable. My apt with him is in week.

  • I think it's quite normal to have several AI conditions - they come along like buses! I have Hashimoto's (plus other forms of non-AI hypothyroidism). Also, Pernicious Anaemia, suspected SS (I haven't followed this up, as I lost confidence in the rheumatologist), and early RA, which I'm treating with LDN - successfully, apart from the occasional flare.

  • thank you, you treat them all with same drug?

  • I take T3 for the thyroid, inject hydroxocobalamin or methylcobalamin for the PA, and the LDN is for the RA. As for the SS, just hoping for the best, but the symptoms have improved alongside the other treatments, so I hope that will be sufficient. If not, I expect I would have to see a rheumy again. Would rather avoid that!

  • was afraid of that. I was hoping one drug treated all. wishful thinking! :) Hope your SS stays under control. Thanks for your help!

  • Hello,

    I have hypothyroidism and very mild - yet persistent - psoriasis.

    I had the psoriasis first (or at least I think I did) appear approximately ten years ago when I was 29.

    From doing a little research it would seem that taking the Levo for hypothyroidism makes the psoriasis disappear in a large number of cases. But mine is very mild - they wouldn't prescribe the oral medication for what I have...only steroid ointment.

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