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Advice appreciated

Hi all I'm a newbie on a steep learning curve. Been on quite a journey of discovery since the 'trust me I'm a doctor' programme opened my eyes to t3. I'm 47 and was diagnosed as hypothyroid at 18. Following years of problems I was diagnosed as ceoliac at 29. I am extremely strict with my diet including avoiding eggs and chicken breast as I've found these can set me off too. Must be because they are fed on so much wheat. So whether I'm hashimotos is anyone's guess. I had a full hysterectomy at 33 for very bad female hormones that had caused many years of serve depression and mood swings. Still the depression and anxiety persists.

I think Ive been self medicating for many years with wine 😂. Guess its been around 20 years that every evening I've had around 1\2 a bottle, sometimes up to a full bottle. Last November I gave up drinking during the week. Everyone said you'll feel so much better. But I just haven't, I felt exactly the same. Sluggish, tired / exhausted, spaced out, cotton wool for brains, depressed - as ever. I've also always struggled with my weight. Been dieting strictly and exercising since new year ( again ! ) with no weight loss. So the programme and this website have been a revelation. I've quite possibility been ill all these years. I'm going on a bit n I said to myself I wouldn't !

I've ordered some t3 which I can't wait to arrive. I was on 150mg for nearly 25 years but some clever doctor decided I should be reduced to 125mg a few years ago. And I've felt even worse ever since.

Recently read the British thyroid association's response to the piece on trust me I'm a doctor. The line - 'people may now have high expectations of how energetic they should feel' ( with regards patients insisting they where hypothyroid when the bloods suggested they were not ) really annoyed me. Has he spent the best part of his adult life taking pro-plus just to be able to go to work !

I spoke to my doctor about ordering t3. He said - he advised against it and couldn't advise me any further. No discussion or suggestion of seeing an endo. Not seen one since my teens. I asked for a blood test including t3 and he said he'd ask but its unlikely they'll do it, they don't tend to, because they don't like to !

Apart from Levo I'm on a vitamin b complex supplement that feels like its no help what's so ever 😞. Any advice on my way forward and your experiences most appreciated

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Kitti1 The best thing that you can do is get your own tests done privately. Easy enough to do with a fingerprick test at home and you can get one that tests all the necessary thyroid tests including FT3 and both types of antibodies. It also tests vitamins and minerals so any deficencies that shownupnwe can advise what supplements to take and an appropriate dose.

Thyroid UK works with two companies who do this test, normally the price is the same but until the end of February there is a 15% discount with one company as an introductory offer. See Medichecks here

Once you have your results, start a new thread and post them with their reference ranges. If your thyroid tests show that you don't convert T4 to T3 well enough then members can guide you on how to add T3.

If your antibodies are positive we can advise on how to help reduce antibodies.

Plus any suggestions if your vitamins and minerals show low levels.

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Hi Does the fingerprick test include reverse t3?


No. The thyroid check plus 12 and the plus 15 :

both include reverse T3 but they require a full sample from a vein like would be done by a hospital or by your surgery. Finger-prick tests are for the less comprehensive tests.


Thank you very much for the info it is much appreciated. I see that they offer a home visit from a Registered Nurse, this sounds ideal for me as I can never plan anything due to having suffered a recent whiplash and GP refusing to monitor me. fed up to the back teeth. Sorry to moan.



Whiplash can affect pituitary and thyroid function

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very interesting!


I self-medicate with NDT & T3. It's been a life changer after being cold, fat, hungry, & hypo for 40 years, due to an undiagnosed pituitary tumour & "normal" blood tests, despite my symptoms. The information & advice from the admins & good people on here is invaluable!

As well as B vitamins & good nutrition, make sure to get enough selenium ( I eat brazils), magnesium, & iron. I've just found out I've only been taking half the RDA of vitamin D3, so look forward to feeling better now I've upped my dosage.

As well as eating & taking things, make sure your thyroid meds aren't hindered by taking supplements for >4 hours after, or eating & drinking anything that might clash such as coffee & tea. have recently started adding a little vitamin C powder to the water I take my THs with, & found taking HRT too close reduced the efficacy of both. It might be a good idea to check what you eat & take is complementary as some minerals clash which reduces absorption,

Take a look at Chris Kresser's website for free information:

There are several e-books & articles, as well as podcasts on Thyroid, digestive health & nutrition. Also there are lots of resources that are good for advice as well as TUK, such as the American NAH, & several hypothyroid blogs.

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When you start T3 you will need to reduce your dose of T4. As has been suggested, post your test results on the forum and get advice on that. I was taking 175 mg of T4 and when I added T3 I was reduced to 75 T4 and 20 T3 in a split dose.


Welcome, you've definitely come to the right place :-)

This series, starting 1 March, is free and has excellent info:

As you are so sensitive to foods, it may be worth a spell on AI protocol:

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Thank you everyone for your input. I've been looking at the blood tests you suggest. Unfortunately finance is an issue at the moment but I'm hoping to be able to get one asap. Would you say the blue horizon plus 11 / equivalent medicheck test would be a good starting point ?

Leverette & Lisabax thank you for your input. I'd love to know how you felt when you changed your medication / introduced t3 etc. How much different did you feel day to day ? Is it noticeably easier to loose weight ? I appreciate everyone is different but I guess I'm worried there won't be any difference when I start to phase in my t3.

Any advice / your experience of starting taking t3 would also be appreciated. What dose you started on and how you proportionally reduced your t4.


Post your test results when you get them and people will be able to advise whether you need to supplement other vitamins and whether you need to reduce T4 or not.


You could try printing out a list of the tests recommended by Thyroid UK and hand it to the GP, saying "these are the tests recommended by Thyroid UK".


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