sub clinical hyperthyroidism.

Hello everyone. I am a newbie. I was recently diagnosed with subcliical hyperthyroidism and an USS shows several non cancerous nodules on the thyroid. I am constantly tired, anxious, depressed, demotivated, muscle aches and painful joints, poor appetite . Please can someone suggest a treatment etc. Many thanks. x

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  • It would help people help you, if you could post your blood test results, with the ranges. :)

  • Hi Thanks for your reply. I am unble to find them but recall the tsh is low, t3 and t4 normal, tpoas less than 33.

  • Well, I'm afraid that tells us absolutely nothing. :( There's no such thing as 'normal', the ranges are too wide. Were they at the top, the middle or the bottom? However, if they weren't over-range, it's very doubtful you have any form of hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism is when the FT3 is well over-range, not just when the TSH is low. You really, really need to find those results before you allow your doctor to put you on any form of treatment - or ask for another copy. He didn't even test the right antibodies for hyperthyroidism!

  • GG,

    Subclinical hyperthyrodism is when TSH is suppressed <0.1 and FT4 and FT3 are within range. Thyroid peroxidase antibodies are often elevated in patients who have Graves disease.

  • Thanks clutter. That is what the endo said. He suggested rai as carbimazole is contraindicated due to cardiac arrthymias.Many thanks for everything. x

  • Floraldaisy,

    It's premature to consider RAI for subclinical hyperthyroidism.

  • That's what friends are saying. I cannot stand feeling like this.GP does nothing. Is it safe to take B12 injections in view of the pn?

  • Floraldaisy,

    You need to talk to PAS about B12 injections.

  • The OP didn't say her TSH was suppressed, she said it was low. That's why l said she absolutely needs the exact numbers.

  • The tsh has been low/suppressed for quite some time apparently. It was 0.1.

  • Yes, but the TSH on its own means nothing. And, you always need the exact numbers, because low, high, in-range, is just too vague, and open to several different interpretations. :)

  • The tpoas were less than 33. The F3 and F4 were within range.

  • Floraldaisy,

    I don't think there is treatment for subclinical hyperthyroidism. Treatment won't usually commence until FT4 and/or FT3 are over range. You should ask your GP to check ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate because low levels can cause musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and low mood.

  • Sorry Clutter Just seen your reply. The endo suggested RaI for the nodules as he said that they can hypersecrete T3 and T4.Must say it is all Greek to me.

    I have had atrial fibrillation and also have osteoporosis, I feel written off.

  • Floraldaisy,

    If the nodules were hypersecreting T4 and T3 would be over range.

  • Thanks clutter.. I do not understand some of these drs.

  • You need to know your Free T4 and Free T3. Low TSH can occur with other conditions besides hyperthyroidism. TSH alone isn't sufficient to diagnose it.

    You might, for example, have secondary or tertiary hypothyroidism. The last thing you would want or need for either of those conditions is RAI. Instead you would need to take thyroid hormones.

    So it is absolutely vital you know exactly what tests have been done and what the results and reference ranges are.

    Getting RAI will probably make you hypothyroid if you aren't already. It should be avoided if at all possible.

  • Thanks Humanbean

    My T3 and T4 were within the normal parameters. The tsh has been consistently low, the TPOAS were less than 33. Friends in the US say that there should not be any antibodies present at all.

    I have a multinodular goitre, non cancerous.

    I had all the sigs and symptoms of hyperthyroidism. Sweating at night, anxiety, depression, weight loss, fear, panic attacks, headaches, red eye.

    I really do not know what tests to ask for anymore as I am still suffering and still without treatment.

    The RAI was suggested because I have cardiac arrhytmias and am unable to have carbimazole.

    Thanks for your reply.

  • Sorry, but before doing anything final and irrevocable, you need to get your blood test results.

    If Free T3 (for example) is 3.5 with a reference range of (3.0 - 6.5) that (to a doctor) is normal. Free T3 of 6.0 is normal too. But a patient with a level of 3.5 will feel entirely different to a patient with a level of 6.0.

    I am hypothyroid, not hyperthyroid. When I was untreated I had an erratic heart rhythm, fast heart rate, high blood pressure, excessive sweating, aches and pains in joints and muscles, no motivation, depression, anxiety.

    Some of my symptoms were caused by very, very low iron, rather than my thyroid problem. Some were caused by below optimal vitamin D. Some of my symptoms eased after I started taking T3. Some of my symptoms improved when I found something which appears to be lowering my high cortisol.

    Can you afford to get some blood tests done privately? Medichecks is offering 15% off their usual prices until the end of this month.

    You may well be heading for hyperthyroidism. But on the basis of a single low TSH you can't rely on it as a diagnosis. You need to know more. And their may be things you can do without involving a doctor.

    I realise that spending £99 (- 15%) could be scary if finances are tight.

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