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:'( sub clinical hypothyroidism?


I'm just being passed around. My TSH has gone up from 22, to 26 in a couple of weeks, I have a high amount of antibodies yet my free T3/4 are normal. I've read that treating sub clinical hypothyroidism with thyroxin, when someone's TSH is above 10 can be risky. Please help. I'm sorry, I've only just joined this group the other day and this is my second post. Seeing the endocrinology team seems near impossible...and i need to get sorted before wedding/Holiday in August. My head at the minute is in a bad place :'(

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I strongly suspect that your FT4 and FT3 could be within laboratory ranges - which is almost certainly very far from normal for you.

Either you have an issue causing TSH to rise even with adequate thyroid hormone - often a small pituitary tumour (usually non-malignant). Or your thyroid hormone levels are low in range.

There is no way that a TSH of 22 or 26 is sub-clinical. What could be risky is NOT treating overt hypothyroidism.

To get further - please post your actual results and their reference ranges.

Michaela_l in reply to helvella

Hi, I can only remember TSH being 26, I will call tomorrow and get numbers. I'm so fed up..I want to be the happy person I was years ago..I sound so pathetic and dramic but I don't wanna be left like this. I'm sure "19" was mentioned..I can't remember. It was only over the phone.

Thanks for your help x

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Michaela_l

It doesn't sound pathetic - it sounds entirely "normal"! :-)

Please do get the results. Semi-guesses could send us on a real wild goose chase - and be unhelpful.

Get them printed - this isn't the time to make mistakes scribbling something down.

Michaela_l in reply to helvella

I will. Thank you for the help..also regarding the pituitary tumor..I have raised antibodies so im almost certain it's due soley to my thyroid. Thanks again. Xxx

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Michaela_l

That would the the sort of assumption a doctor might make. Most likely you are right, but...

Many, many people have raised thyroid antibodies - sometimes with, but sometimes without, thyroid hormone issues.

Michaela_l in reply to helvella

Ok thank you. Definitely will get results tomorrow :) including antibodies.

Michaela_l in reply to helvella

Have to have a Synacthen Test..although my cortisol levels were tested previously and were ok....

A TSH that high isn't subclinical; it suggest overt primary hypothryoidism. In countries other than the UK, you'd be treated when TSH reached 3.

Have to have a Synacthen Test now...

Mine made me cry for no obvious reason - I just couldn't stop. So take tissues. But mine was abnormal. Felt wonderful after it.

Oh! So abnormal how, and how is it treated..if you don't mind me asking? Thanks

I can see why you cried! Stang for ages! Made me cry! Don't usually cry!

Mine didn't sting. About 5-10 minutes after injection I just suddenly burst into tears and couldn't stop. I didn't really feel sad, just empty. But I used to get intravenous hydrocortisone for asthma (that stings!) so perhaps I was just inured to it.

It just seemed to last for a long time, this intense sing...wasn't expecting it! I seemed ok after.

I never bothered to ask as I was a bit naive back then. I also had an insulin stress test - very, very nasty - and a CT scan - and no treatment even though the Insulin stress test triggered ll my symptoms and I was off work for two days after it. Fell over in the hospital car park and couldn't get up again for quite some time (headache, backache and vomiting) and had to get a taxi home. Never having one of those again! I think that unless you have really obvious Addisons or Cushings they just keep testing you until something comes back normal and then they discharge you.

:S yes I've read they aren't pleasant....so how is your health now, how come they've just left you?

I wasn't actually dying (athough the computerised comment on my ECG said I was almost dead from bradycardia!) and got a "normal" test result. This is the NHS so, of course, I got no treatment - there was nothing wrong with me. I just gave up.

Hmm...seem similar to me at the mo. Ive been told I can't get an emergency appointment to see the endocrinology consultant as he's checked my results and there is nothing he can do. I still have raised TSH (26 at highest), normal ft3/4. Awaiting results of short synacthen test..only then might be see me before July. I've been put on 25mcg levothyroxin, yet my head still isn't right..things just seem slow and abnormal..I can't articulate what I mean. I have little energy, my hair seems to be falling out fast and I still get some palpitations. :s so I'm pretty down.

I was unwell for years and just got better on my own with adrenal glandulars, healing sounds and meditation. Not 100% even now. I just gave up with GP - each test cost a day's pay or day's holiday and I eventually got sacked for taking too much time off (next job was much better, so it didn't really matter). Since then. I've noticed that GPs love sending you for tests (if you can get an appointment) but hate to actually do anything to make you better.

I'm glad you're feeling better, even though not completely. If you don't mind me asking, what type of symptoms were you suffering?

Rapid weight gain, fatigue, dizziness and fainting/blackouts, back and stomach pain, headaches.

Hmm, i haven't gained weight but struggle to lose it. The dizziness, fainting etc happens. As well as other symptoms. What a pain!!!

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