VitD deficiency and plantar fasciitis

Just diagnosed with severe vitD deficiency, reading everything I can. Developed plantar fasciitis 3 weeks ago and found this in a good article, too late for my fingers, some are well deformed, but hope to rid myself of the heel and calf pain:

Vitamin D is routinely provided in tablet, capsule or oil based liquid forms. I find that the oil based liquid forms are best absorbed and raises serum levels the fastest. Also, there are observed and reported benefits of transdermal Vitamin D Cream. Conditions that respond to transdermal Vitamin D cream include acute and post-herpetic neuralgia, certain cases of RSD (CRPS II), osteoarthritis of the fingers, plantar fasciitis, acute sprains and strains, chronic pain, 1st degree burns, itch from sandfly bites, and contact dermatitis. According to Dr. John Lyftogt, a pain management doctor in New Zealand, the recommended dosage of transdermal Vitamin D3 cream is 40,000 IU applied to the affected area twice a day. 8

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  • Having insufficient T3 can cause plantar fasciitis, so if vitamin D doesn't resolve your problem completely get your Free T3 measured.

  • Thank you humanbean. My FT3 in Dec. was 5.4 (3.6-6.4) although my FT4 was 8.9 (10-22) endo said she was not bothered by it, more concerned with suppressed TSH <0.05 (0.30-6.00). Could I increase Levo by 25mcg do you think? Or should FT4 be low when on T3T4 combo?

  • You should only be concerned with your T3. The TSH is of no consequence if you are taking replacement hormones as you are bypassing the body's feedback loop.

  • I didn't know that humanbean...I have low normal ft3....and low normal ft4 and low normal tsh so dr wont raise ndt...dr also said taking magnesium b4 bed every night may work since it relaxes muscles and is good for you

  • I too have suffered plantar fasciitis- got an injection which helped enormously- good exercise is a can or bottle underneath arch of foot and roll it back and forth - also put your toes up against the wall/skirting board and press against wall it will hurt you but what it's doing is stretching the the tendon this will become easier and less hurtful the more you do it - didn't realise vitD could cause this but I've been taking them due to being hyperthyroid (not long diagnosed) and bloods showed lack of it - had bloods done last week vitD has levelled out but will still keep taking it nonetheless. Good luck and hope this has helped you. 😁😁😁

  • Thank you Toolie, it was a surprise to me too. I will do those exercises and hope you continue to improve too.

  • Be careful.

    I was twice "prescribed" exercises which supposedly stretched tendons, etc.

    They hurt but, of course they are doing me good, so I'll live with that.

    Oh no they are not doing me good - I got far worse. But what really made me awful was trying the orthotic inserts. Ended up in real foot pain for at least a fortnight from trying to use them for half an hour (or so).

    Ended up getting levothyroxine, taking vitamin D and using very soft diabetic insoles in my shoes.

  • Thank you helvella. I was going to get the inserts as my foot distribution is not great because I have small big toes. I will get the soft diabetic ones instead.

  • You have to do what is right for you! What worked for me might not be right for anyone else on the planet! But it might be!!! :-)

    Take care.

  • I am extremely light on my feet, wouldn't take much to push me over! If they don't work I'll swap to the others. Thank you, my best wishes to you.

  • rolling pin under foot works well like you roll out dough with....and I heard a frozenwater bottle but haven't tried it

  • Thank you jacrjacr.

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