Plantar fasciitis and hypo

Bad bout of pf currently - that's inflammation of the tendon between heel and foot pad, very painful on first walking, very disabling, it's assoc with hypo, perhaps because general weakening of muscles causes weak arches and weak core body strength. Then the weight thing would make it worse

OK and I should rest it and work harder on the exercises and lose weight.. agh .. just checking to see if there are fellow sufferers and what worked.

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  • I've had it in both's awful. I'm overweight too...but also know it's attached to being hypo.

    I just got rid of it again after almost a year! Keep at the following...

    1. Ice it every day.

    2. Stretch it often, massage it often.

    3. Get something to roll it on, hard ball, roller, frozen water bottle...I did this on am and bedtime.

    4. Keep ankle at 90 degree. Keeps of stretched. Before you get up, stretch it out before you put weight on it. This is most important at night. Is loset at night, then we get up and stretch and tear it again.

    5. Get a bf boot or socK from ebay for sleeping, they help!

    6. Don't ever be in bare feet...something soft and supportive in the house AND shower. Crock are really good. Get some insoles and gel support for your heel for shoes.

    Do this all the time, it will get better!

    I tried taping for a bit, while it brought relief it didn't make it better.

    The nest result I got was the rolling it and make sure I stretched it our slowly before standing.

  • Think that might be a PF boot. :) Try Googling "plantar fasciitis night splint".

  • Thanks so much for the detailed help.

  • I have this too on and off. I ended up being referred to a podiatrist as i have it in both feet which are flat as a pancake. I had some "inserts" to try and sort out the problem which helped a little. Problem went away but as i say it comes and goes with me. My calves are locked up too and i did have a problem with my achillles tendonitis which seems to have gone away. Oh, i forgot...i had a steroid injection in the worst of my feet in the plantar, hurt like he** but it did help!

  • Hi, this is such a painful condition. I suffer on and off, have done for a few years. I have graves, just diagnosed this year but unsure how long I've actually had it.

    Anyway, back to your pf. Katgirl has given you excellent advice. Can I just add a few tips? Don't wear flats in the summer, well don't wear them full stop but we do tend to wear completely flat sandals in the hotter weather. I wear Fitflops mostly. Unfortunately I have to wear safety shoes for work which I believe caused mine, but I walk every where in my Fitflops, including dog walks and around the house.

    If I'm not wearing my Fitflops, any other shoes or boots I do wear, I have half insoles in, Amazon have a great selection at good prices so you can purchase a few pairs and have them in all shoes so you don't have to keep changing them around.

    Hope you get some relief soon, it's awful.

  • Arch supports helped me as well ...

    I don't have thyroid problems but I do have a B12 deficiency - and the symptoms can overlap and it is very common for both to occur together. Getting my B12 levels correct has also improved things an awful lot meaning that a lot of the time I don't need the arch supports anymore - though I would still wear them if shoes were very flat and I needed to do quite a bit of walking.

  • That's really useful to know that b12 is also a suspect .. I get a lot of pins and needles, back to the B 12.

  • Along with the others' helpful advice, foot muscles go right up the calf so having deep tissue work on those can give some relief.

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