Help with great endo please!

Hi you guys is here anyone that have experience with endo in Warwick, Churchill or Horton in Banbury Oxfordshire? I was diagnosed with Graves disease and I need sumone who loves their job and can heal me complety. Ie count very precisely amount of pills/radioactive iodine/taking exact amount of thyroid out so I can function properly as before. Thank you Adi

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  • Welcome to the forum, AdiSmekbeth.

    There is no cure for Graves disease but the hyperthyroidism can be managed. Patients may experience remission after 12-18 months on Carbimazole but in more than 50% of patients with Graves antibodies remission is temporary. If remission fails Carbimazole can be resumed or thyroidectomy or radioactive iodine (RAI) may be recommended but either will cause hypothyroidism which has to be managed with daily thyroid replacement. If you opt for RAI a nuclear physicist will determine the radioactive dose required to ablate your thyroid gland.

    Email for a list of member recommended endocrinologists.

  • Thank you for your reply Clutter. Interesting as my surgeon GP person said if i found someone who is very precise then it's possible to get exact dose of Rai ie I won't b needing daily thyroid.

    I will email Louise for the list.

    Thank you,


  • AdiSmekbeth,

    Well you may be lucky and find that you don't require thyroid replacement but most patients become hypothyroid within six months. If the RAI dose is insufficient you will remain hyperthyroid.

  • Hoping to be lucky and everyone after me as well. One more question. I thought it is consultant that makes up dose of RAI. Reading your Rey you saying it's nuclear physicist. So that means consultant has no say? Or do they work closely to work out how much I need? Thank U x

  • AdiSmekbeth,

    They probably work together to sort out the dose.

  • Perfect thank U x

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