I tried Armour NDT and got myself into trouble going overactive. I went up to 2.5 grains and felt dreadful. I do want to try again (but with Nature thyroid) and perhaps take it more slowly this time and see how 1.5 grains feel?

But I'd like to know how many people did well, against not doing well and having to go back on T4/T3 combination.

Also, having already been on combo do you still have work your way up, given that your body is already getting direct T3 from being on combo?

Thank you in advance.


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  • Some doctors and patients claim you should not take NDT when you have Hashimoto's disease, as something in the pig thyroid (cannot remember what right now) will perpetuate the autoimmune attack. So they recommend a syntheticT3 + T4 combination if you don't do well on T4 alone.

    However, there are many people with Hashimoto's who do just fine on NDT. I am one of them. I have never noticed an increase in my antibody and anti-Tg levels since going on NDT five years ago. On the contrary: last summer, when I had labs before seeing my doctor, my anti-TPO and anti-Tg levels were in range for the first time since my diagnosis 17 years ago.

    I guess only you can tell if you prefer NDT or synthetic T3 + T4.

    If you are already taking T3, along with T4, I see no need to start low and go slow, as you are generally recommended to do when going from T4 only to NDT. Your body should already be used to getting extra T3.

  • Thank you so much, it is so good to hear a success story! May I ask which one you are taking? And what dose? I wont lie, I am a little afraid to try again.

  • 5 of my lot are all hashimotos and only 1 of them is well on levothyroxine

    the other 4 are all on NDT and would not change that for anything

    however if your levels of ferritin




    are not optimal at halfway thru their ranges your body wont be able to process the t4 in either levo or ndt

  • Wow! Again, so good to hear. I have had all the above bloods checked. The mistake I made was taking too much. I also think that Armour was stronger than stated and that is where I got into trouble. My T4 went to 50, range ( 11.5 - 22.7) I was spinning all over the place.

    :-) Have to say though, my bowels worked well. But nothing else did.

  • I take Thyroid-S, for the simple reason that both Armour and Erfa (the only brands of NDT available in Belgium) have been problematic in recent years. Given the price of NDT (all brands are expensive, but Armour has literally tripled in price since 2015), I decided to try Thyroid-S from Thailand, and it works very well.

    I seem to need quite a lot of NDT for some reason. I take 7 grains daily and have no hyper symptoms. My labs in August were (on 7 grains):

    TSH <0.01 (ref 0.2-4.0) but really unimportant when taking T3

    FT4 0.9 (ref 0.8-1.5)

    FT3 2.9 (ref 1.7-3.7)

    At first, I thought my FTs looked lowish and decided to add half a grain of NDT, but then I started to experience some hyper symptoms (increased heartbeat, increased tendency to sweat). Since I take all the NDT in the morning, and wait 24 h before going to the lab, I can expect my FT3 levels to be +/- 20% higher the previous day...so, somewhere around 3.48 which means FT3 levels in the upper part of range yet in range.

    Also, it seems that high FT4 levels (close to upper normal range) taken along with T3 can increase rT3 conversion, and rT3 blocks the action of FT3.

    When I increased my dosage, my FT4 levels went up to 1.2 and my FT3 levels to 4.6 (ref 1.7-3.7), 24 h after taking NDT, which I interpret to mean that 7 grains are enough for me. I was surprised that such a small increase in dosage could make such a difference, but I went back to my previous dose (7 grains) and remain well on that. I honestly don't know why I seem to require that much but, as long as I feel fine and have no hyper symptoms, and labs confirm my FTs are in range, I am not worried about that.

  • Wow! I'm so happy for you. It is so good hear that you are doing well, actually you sound great. My TSH is rising and I don't feel great, but I have to be patient. Thank you for this insight. So far, two out of two, are giving NDT the thumbs up. I didnt know that Thyroid-S even existed! I have much to learn from this site. Thank you.

  • In my experience, people with Hashimoto's do better with a really low, even suppressed, TSH. One unconventional doctor told me once that the very release of TSH from the pituitary gland is what triggers the autoimmune attack, causing the body to continue to create antibodies against the thyroid (which makes sense to me as the release of TSH is intended to tell the thyroid gland to make more hormones). Therefore, he argued, a so called "normal" TSH is not good if you have Hashimoto's disease. It may not be true for everyone, but I never felt good with a so called normal TSH. And, sure enough, my antibody levels did not go down until my TSH was suppressed.

    Less conventional doctors may tell you that an ideal TSH is anywhere between 1 and 2, but that was never ideal for me although it was probably better than a TSH close to the upper normal limit. But I did not feel optimal until my TSH ended up below 0.

  • Perfect. Thank you so much. Valuable advice.

  • Another one ... I've got Hashi's and started Thyroid-s in November last year. So far all is going well.

  • I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Please keep me posted.

  • I am on armour and have hashimotos - I am on 4.5 grains x

  • Are you feeling really well? As in, is your thyroid health consistent? 😊

  • I have Hashimoto's 5 years on T4 only, the last 10 months on NDT but also 4 years un-diagnosed and feeling like my world was ending. I take THIROYD bought myself off <allusion to site deleted> I got up to 5 grains and felt good, went to 5.5 and my sleep was affected. My endocrinologist (he is more of a diabetes specialist anyway) was panicked, he though I was only on 2 grains and he wants to reduce me to 1.5 and 2 on alternate days. I think I am going to ignore him cause I want to feel good and I was loosing weight to!! Give it a go you can always switch to something else if it doesn't agree with you. Use the Stop the thyroid madness website to research NDT , it lists all the available NDT and where they are made. Good luck.

  • Thank you. This all really helps. I have been on Armour before, but went very overactive. 2.5 Grains. I will try a different brand Nature Thyroid. All trial and error. Keep well! Hearing success stories are what keep the rest of us going! :-)

  • Yes with Nature Throid! I started last September changing from Levo 100 because my GP couldn't prescribe T3 nor could my NHS Endo. I had a stock of in date NT so gradually combined 100 Levo with 1/4 grain and after 3 weeks went to 75 Levo with 1/2 grain then 50 Levo with 3/4 grain then 25 Levo and 1 grain. Finally dropped Levo and 1 grain increasing every 4 weeks to 21/2 grains but got blood test showing T3 of 7.2! Not good because I had a cardiac event a year before. Dropped to 2+1/4 grains which feels very good. T3 was 5.8 and seems pretty good. Very happy after 3 years of T3 at a steady 3.2 to best 3.5 = rubbish!! Go for it slowly.


  • Thank you. That has warmed my heart and it's so good to hear. I feel very encouraged!

    I am on the combo T4/T3. 50 levo, 20 micrograms T3 - but TSH is rising. LIke I said, I'm having surgery on a frozen shoulder. They want my TSH around 2. I can feel its close, because I feel rubbish and depressed! I didnt do well on Armour at all, so going for the same as you, Nature Thyroid.

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