oooh Doctor has kind of fired me! ha ha ha!

Ahhh well it feels like he's fired me! i got a really snotty letter through my door today stating that they are no longer prescribing Armour thyroid (which was on private prescription!) i am non plussed really as the silly buggers haven't prescribed it for me since June last year! ha ha ha!

I source my thyroid medication from Thailand thank god! but the letter went into the reasons why they can no longer prescribe armour..... and these included..... the fact its made from porcine derivatives, it has not been tested , its dangerous and the NICE guidelines do not advocate its use as it can cause long term heart problems........( rolling eyes here)

So i called them up and said ok so am i still allowed to gt my bloods done with you? and they said well your re call is next year...i said oh ok i was told that my last test was abnormal and that i had to contact the doctor.....i said look dont worry ill take care of my thats fired by the looks of it...

so i will continue to take my THIROYD and keep having my own private bloods done and come to you lot here for some sort of interpretation if thats ok.....

I have absolutely no faith in the doctors whatsoever anymore and i hate going to see them they are so patronising and one woman doctor has been really vile! so i guess unless i have a yeast infection they are surplus to requirements? lol

i feel a bit alone....anxious .....but kind of ok at the same time ;-)

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  • oh how totally stupid can these doctors be

    the UK used to make its own Armour

    New Zealand has just set up its own production

  • Yes, it is confusing when you suddenly find yourself alone. Happened to me - in a different way, but the result was the same. And, for a time, you do feel completely at a loss. But, you get over it. :) And, in the end, you're better off without them, really. :D

  • I was pleased the day my endo sacked me and I didn't have to use up four hours of my day for each appt, sitting in the car park for 30mins waiting to park and an additional hour waiting for my appt. I also don't miss being jollied along, sometimes w other doctors (aka strangers) in the room, to the tune of 'your thyroid doesn't do that so that's not why you feel unwell' etc etc.

    If they were still selling Mexican t3 I'd be happily funding my own recovery and not on tenterhooks waiting for the gp to take my script away.

    So this isn't an ideal result but it is less troublesome than being at their beck and call under the current conditions. Good luck!

  • PB, Grossman Cynomel is apparently available again. Confirmed by several members... here's one thread about it

  • Oh how exciting! Thanks RedApple, what great news!

  • Couldn't agree more they are all useless twats.

  • Well if you get a yeast infection you can get all manner of Canestan OTC now anyway. :)

  • I rudely got my marching orders and was discharged when an endo I was wrongly assigned to after my lovely endo moved on found out I was on Armour- (as requested to be prescribed by my old endo). She wouldn't even let me have the results of my recent blood tests. She was a complete and utter nasty b***h and I ended up getting upset and telling her so. I couldn't believe how she treated me. It was unbelievable. Best thing that could have happened, I self medicate now and no more frustrating, pointless, patronising hospital trips.

  • Can barely believe how many nasty Medics l read of here. l was fobbed off for 45 years by 6x GPs - was put right by an amazing Healer now gone and had huge battle with GP before Xmas - ho was convinced I as wrong. Now seeing delightful young Endo lady @ Bmth Hospital - is doing more tests but said l have low Cortisol. Doesnt show up in normal Thyroid test. You can complain to Practice Manager and seems more need to. l have also learned that Southampton H Labs ignore requests for T3 tests as its so expensive to prescribe (£300 for 2 months) but can be bought on line etc. Also now discover almost in disbelief, GPs are paid NOT to send patients for certain tests-dont know which, same as they are also paid to force those awful 'flu jabs on us - which make many ill

  • and prescribe antidepressants...

  • I think this is the direction I am heading too, i.e. self medicating. These doctors just keep doing tests, and telling me that the results are normal but here I am suffering. Now, they are talking Cushing's and early menopause as the cause of my symptoms. **sigh**

    I need to take charge of my life. You were given a blessing in disguise by being sacked because now you have full control of your life. Good luck.

  • Do ensure what you are treating! l wd likely have got that Levo if l had known how to, but another test by Endo (after having a strop with GP) shows now its low Cortisol affecting adrenals. More info to come. And then l read on here that if it isnt right the Levo can cause other probs. Had low thyroid T4 for eons but they dont find this out until they do specific test; its not done in the normal thyroid test

  • For yeast use herbal products to kill it, oregano, berberine, grapeseed extract all good. And probiotics, Good quality ones, also saccharomyces boulliardi is particularly good for yeast.

  • Bit off topic, I am interested in taking a prebiotic for skin prob. (dry almost scaly skin) You mentioned good quality - how does one know which this is? So many on market !


  • If you get a yeast infection, try manuka honey. Messy, but an effective way to treat a lot of skin conditions. :)

    My herbalist friend also recommends a garlic clove for personal infections "where the sun doesn't shine". Thread it with cotton for easier removal, & prick the surface.

  • Oh. My. Word. As my mum used to say, you learn something new every day!

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