Hello all my first post.......UNDERACTIVE THYROID wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats what the doc said last year, been the docs yesterday dont feel right tired, huge feeling of sadness. some mad thoughts , well suppose to be honest thats me anyway ha ha been on the thyroxine, but felt a change in my mood last week. also can you believe this to, i gave up smoking 2 yearts ago right ! gained 2 stone boo hoo, so i eventually joined the gym 2 months ago iv'e lost nothing something not right. anyone out there had this happen to them due to thyroid i9ssues.

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  • Hi peach. I'm sorry you aren't feeling great. Your medication may not yet be at the right level for you to feel well.

    Do you have your blood test results and their lab ranges to post here, for people here to comment on?

    What other tests, in addition to the thyroid panel has the doctor done for you? Have you been tested for the usual Vit D, B12, folate, ferritin etc?

    What medication are you taking, and what dose?

    Tiredness, weight gain etc, can be indicative of under-medication. Every cell in the body - including the brain - needs thyroid hormone and so it is no surprise that our moods or thought processes are affected if we aren't receiving the correct dose for our needs. Also,sometimes the conversion processes aren't as effective as they need to be ie T4 to T3; or the absorption of T3 by the cells can be poor.

    Please post your blood results for a more specific response.

  • Hello, just like to say thanks, I'm taking 50 mg, the doc told me on my visit that the blood test will cover a full blood count ????? Will this cover all the vitamin and minerals side of things, I don't know, but when I do I will post. Enjoy the weekend and cheers for the info. Peach

  • You are still on a low dose of meds. On the morning of your blood test have it as early as possible. Do not take your medication until afterwards as it can skew your results

  • Will do ....app at 9.30 so that'll be fine. Ya know, strange really isn't it complete strangers can give advise and knowledge, but my doctor never mentioned a thing. Make ya think!!! Thank you.

  • I am sorry you're not feeling so good. Unfortunately, our GPs don't know how best to alleviate our clinical symptoms.

    As Hypnoteq suggests, get a copy of your latest thyroid gland blood test results, with the ranges and post on a new question to enable more comments and suggestions.

    If you haven't had a recent blood test for your thyroid gland, request one and do not take your medication before it and have it as early as possible. Take meds afterwards. Also ask for a vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate as we are usually deficient. Our vitamins/minerals should also be at optimum level as some are essential for converting T4 into T3 (the active hormone).


  • Thank you. All the Ts 4 and 3 info I knew nothing about, but be sure I will be enquiring from now on on all that you have mentioned, all the best and cheers for the advise. Enjoy the weekend peach

  • If you were like me, before diagnosis I hadn't a clue where the thyroid gland was located or what its purpose was. I certainly know now, no doubt about that.

    All the Consultants/doctors etc I consulted over several years re feeling so unwell, obviously had as much knowledge as I, as it was finally a first aider who pointed me in the right direction not to mention the money I paid out for wrong diagnosis/treatment.

  • Very true ....I had no idea I was mortified when I was told because apparently ' my thyroid had been slowly going under-active for 2 years previous so all the trips to the doctor me pleading what's wrong with me, crying, feeling down, dizzy and all the rest ....I was angry when he then said 'oh I think you might need to take thyroxine ' I actually thought that throughout all that time I was going mad. I didn't even know it produced hormones !!!! Hope your all sorted now? And thanks good to chat to someone who can relate!

  • I am well now, thankfully. I take T3 alone.

  • hi Peach, first of all well done with the smoking that is some achievement. weight gain is an issue until you get your meds right. I think you will eventually start to feel better it took me about 8 months to feel anything like normal. it is 8 years ago since I started taking Levo I'm on 100 mg every day. try and take it first thing before breakfast about an hour before if possible give it time to work. try and eat healthy small meals high in iodine and small amounts of exercise. its absolutely horrible and you will feel rough for a while but stick with the meds your body needs them. good luck with the weight loss and keep working on it we all need each other for encouragement.

  • Thanks sue much appreciated. I will try my best. Your right the encouragement is valuable. No disrespect to my partner, but ya know he does not understand. And it's sometimes hard to explain sometimes I think he thinks I'm making this up. Hey oh, enjoy the lovely weather and thanks once again.

  • Just read your reply back sue, what are meals high in iodine, is that iron ? The only iodine I have heard of is iodine you put on injuries . Cheers

  • Yes I know what you mean sounds mad. Foods like shell fish, natural yoghurt, cows milk green vegetables are all rich in zinc and iodine they help replace iodine. It's really a matter of a healthy diet nuts are very good Brazil nuts but not too many a day as they are quite fatty but they will help with selenium in your diet, I get night tremors and they help that. Green tea is supposed to be good but I can't stand the stuff.

    I suffer with constipation so a high fibre diet helps and of course lots of liquid I drink tea a lot which helps flush you out and stops you feeling hungry. I'm sure you know all this anyway but try not to eat too much sugary food. I'm not an expert by any means but these things seem to help me there is a really helpful book I read The Thyroid Diet by Mary J Shomon you can get it on amazon. Hope that helps


  • Brilliant suebo, I'll look up that book. I do eat quite well and healthy, but I do also eat not so good surgery foods,back to the gym tomorrow, well,that's what I've promised myself, I was going to give it up cos no weight loss disheartened me, but I'm paying to much to not go. Cheers peach

  • Oh and it was a friend of mine who said I had a thyroid problem after going to the docs for ages with little things so I asked and they tested me turns out she was right. I think we know our bodies better than the docs sometimes. Stay well.

  • Absolutely right, you to.

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