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Keeping costs down

Does anyone have any recommendations on best ways to keep costs down when trying to use NDT or T3? I am from America and new to the country so trying to see the best way. Potentially could work with my US doc again, but need to figure out bloods (anyone have a GP that works with a US doc to get bloods on nhs?) and getting medication here (any issues with customs? Can a family member mail them?) Please pm me any info that can't be shared public. Thanks so much!

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You can import NDT for your own use. HMRC charge 20% VAT on goods worth £15+ plus the p&p and Royal Mail will charge an £8 handling charge for paying the VAT on the customer's behalf.

NHS is very unlikely to work with your US doctor. You can send your NHS results to your US doctor of course. NHS doesn't usually test FT3 in primary care. You can order private labs from Blue Horizon or Genova via

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Thank you Clutter. You are amazing. Really anxious still after my endo appt and my brain just keeps coming up with more questions and fears. I'm petrified of being hypo again and no one listening to me. I was so sick and although I struggle with fatigue and thirst still, I can actually live my life. I'm young and I want to enjoy my life and have kids and not be that sick person slowly dying 😔


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