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Liquid thyroxine

Hello all, I've just been fully diagnosed (was subclinical for 2 yrs) with hypothyroidism. A bout 10 months ago as I was symptomatic and subclincal my Dr tried me on thyroxine and unfortunately I struggled digesting it (probable lactose intolerance awaiting GI referral for tests)

So since my latest DX my gp has prescribed the liquid form of thyroxine, does anyone have any experience of thanking this? Is there anything I should watch for as I have seen it has quite a few stabilizing ingredients that I'm worried about 😐

Any advice much appreciated

Thanks you x

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Everything has extras to stabilise it. You may have been allergic to one of the fillers in your Levo. That could have been checked by taking an antihistamine tablet a hour before your thyroid meds to see if that stopped the problem. If it did then the next stop would be to try a different brand as they tend to have a different selection of fillers so again that may mean you having to keep trying till you find something that suits you but the pharmacist the best person to advise.

I did think though the liquid was fool proof and has nothing added but not had any experience that so hopefully dsoneibe who has can reply. It not then start anther thread of the type you are taking. I may be that you will have to go back to Levo and work your way around the brands.


Hi thanks for your reply.

I was definitely experiencing an allergic/intolerance reaction to the tablet form, I got horrendous heartburn within 30 mins of taking them. I have had a milk allergy as a baby, so it's the lactose that's the first ingredient that has come to mind, until the GI appointment and further tests that won't be known for sure.

My gp was wanting to try different brands, but the pharmacist recommended the liquid as it's about the only one withnout lactose or sucrose.

I'll have to give it a try and I'll be sure to let you all know how I get on.

Thanks again



Teva tablets (reintroduced in October 2016) are lactose-free but do contain acacia powder which is an allergen for some people.


Oh thank you for that info, do you have any idea on the cost to the NHS for these tablets? Are they more expensive or less than the liquid? Thanks again


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