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I just joined HealthUnlocked. On and off I use to feel a vibrating sensation at my left chest near the heart at a interval of 8 to 10 seconds and each time lasting for a few seconds only. Normally this will go off after a few minutes. But today the feeling is on for more than 2 hours now. What is that? It is a serious problem ?

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Hi - do you have a thyroid problem?


limyeokmeng Have you seen your doctor about this? I don't know if it's anything to do with the thyroid (this is a thyroid forum), but I would get checked out by your doctor.


Hi Limyeokmeng,

I don't know whether the problem is serious or not but would advise you to contact your GP or visit A&E to be sure.

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Sounds like palpitations - they are a symptom of underactive thyroid I think? 'Clutter' has replied above and should know best but I get this occasionally, usually when I'm laying in bed - it has woken me in the night. When it persisted 1 day I went to the local walk-in centre and they put me on a heart monitor - guess what, it stopped and they said all was normal! Record exactly when it happens and for how long / if you are stressed etc. Get to A+E or local NHS Centre if it is worrying you :-(


If it feels like a mobile on vibrate, then it's a thing that others do experience, including me. Search the forum for the word 'vibration' and hopefully you'll see the previous discussion. There are various theories about it - in fact if you Google it you'd be surprised to find it's not uncommon. Guesses are that it may be related to mineral deficiencies, but there doesn't seem to be a definitive explanation.


Hi I get it on occasions,, find myself acting to answer mobile phone, then realise there is no phone!

But mine is a vibration rather than a fast heart beat , I also get these a few things a day.

Can't offer any help though

Good luck


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