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Strange throat sensation

I was diagnosed with hypo due to autoimmunity condition over 2 years ago.. but go through the very familiar problem of " your TSH is suppressed " so meds are reduced and I feel really bad ..joint pain, terrible balance, muddled name a few. I now seem to have a strange chocking, blocked throught sensation ,is this something I should be worried about ie nodules ? I'm reluctant to got to the docs as I get the impression she think I'm just a nutter !!

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I get this when undermedicated.


Jabot, thyroid can swell when undermedicated in an attempt to produce more hormone. You should ask your GP to palpate your throat and neck and if swelling or lump is detected to order an ultrasound scan to check the size and condition of the thyroid gland.

If you can post your recent thyroid results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after results) members will advise whether you are optimally medicated.


When doctors adjust our medication to 'fit' within the TSH level it can cause us more problems. Read the first two questions in this link:

The above two links have good information.

It's your health - not your doctors and we do rely on them normally but, as regards the treatment of hypothyroidism I do wonder. I was worse on levo and it's taken me about 5/6 years to find my way through the maze and am now well on T3 only. Not many doctors will prescribe.

Start from the beginning with your GP. Say you are determined to get better but you do need some blood tests so that you can follow your own method of treatment. Ask for TSH, T4, T3, Free T4 and Free T3, antibodies (if you've not had them before). Vit B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.

Don't take levo on the morning of the test which should be as early as possible. Take levo after. Fast too. Get a print-out of your blood test results with the ranges (these are important as labs differ). Post results on a new question for members to comment upon them.

Tell your GP it's o.k. to have a suppressed TSH. email and ask for a copy of Dr Toft's Pulse Online article. In question 6 you will see that he says that some of us do need a suppressed TSH (ignore his final para which we well know is what many of them think). Dr Toft was President of the BTA so she cannot argue with him although some doctors still stick to the guidelines by keeping TSH 'in range'.



what exactly are the results they say are suppressed

Did you tale your thyroid meds in the 24 hours before the tests ?

and no YOU ARE NOT A NUTTER you are experiencing typical Hashimotos hypothyroid symptoms especially when undermedicated


Blocked throat sensation related to liver blockage - look at Chinese plum throat - well documented. Liver massage and liver tea solved it for me


Where do you get liver tea ? Plz


Never let your doctor reduce your eds based on blood tests alone. Get all the other tests before anything, never just say nothing as this is tantamount to agreement.


I had this problem for years and went through much frustration and many tests and procedures only to discover on my own that when I quit the medication my symptoms stopped.


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