Inner trembling/vibration

Has anyone experienced this? I had it last year when I was on too much Levo and put it down to my body readjusting to a lower dose. I sometimes get it when blood sugars are low but recently I have had it regularly at random times regardless of food intake etc. It's like a mini vibration-inner tremble all over or sometimes just in my legs. Maybe it's an unbalanced endocrine system. Comes and goes. very annoying.

I go for blood tests this week -my 6 monthly check so maybe a vit/mineral deficiency will show up-anybody had a similar thing? Will post blood results when received as always told 'I'm in the range'

Anyone in Leeds who knows of a support group-could do with a therapeutic moan face 2 face!!

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  • I had it in my heel a few weeks ago. It always came on at about the same time of day and lasted for about 3 mins. and now it's gone for no apparant reason. Very odd!.

  • Yes I have this too. It comes and goes at random times - havent found any link to time of day or food intake. Its an uncomfortable buzzing in my stomach/chest. I always thought it was too high a dose of t4 (its all my doctor will replace) but I still have the buzzing on and off with my dose reduced by a third.

  • This sounds like me, I get the vibration thing in the middle of my chest too. What the hell is it? I'm sure if I mentioned to my doctor that I have vibrations at night he would probably raise his eye brows and suggest counselling lol!!!

  • I don't know the source but this sounds reasonable that the adrenal glands are attempting to compensate for a low thyroid. This may help you understand.

  • I have had this since my TT several times a day and it wakes me at night. I have been severely hypo as I do not convert T4 and have seen Dr S who said it is common in hypothyroidism.

  • I agree with Heloise on this. I started to notice this strange vibration/rumbling feeling in the early hours. I would wake up with it. It coincided with a hugely stressful episode where I was on high alert with a sick family member. I am sure it was my adrenals. Back to meditation, high vit c and b.

  • It has just occurred to me that when I felt this buzzing in my heel I was under massive stress. Since then things have calmed down and I have been able to rest and the buzzing has gone - I am wonder if there is an adrenal connection.

  • Hi everybody I too have experienced it and I haven't noticed a pattern or a particular time of day but sometimes its my entire body other times its just my head or stomach and chest it is very odd these thyroid problems don't half give us many troubling symptoms!

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