OT: Can anyone recommend attractive shoes to fit hard-to-fit arthritic feet?

I have a friend who has rheumatoid arthritis and struggles to find fun, colourful, casual, lace-up shoes to fit her feet and accommodate her orthotic inserts. Anyone have any ideas?

So far she's looked at Hotter, Keen and a third brand (a Spanish brand I think) whose name I can't remember. No luck at all.

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  • I wear my orthotics in my Ecco lace ups. I also wear Josef Seibel and Legero lace ups that are good. Most of the time though I live in either my Merril walking shoes or I invested in a pair of ASIC trainers - if your friend wants colourful these are glow in the dark orange. Not my first choice of colour but so comfortable I can overlook how bright they are.

    Hope that's done help but it really depends a lot on the size of her orthotics.

  • Thanks so much for the reply! I think trainers are off the menu as she needs something more rigid but I will tell her about the other brands. The arthritis has completely changed the shape of her feet and she is always in pain so she needs a great deal of support from a shoe.

  • Think I would go for tailor made. Once the first pair are made the biggest cost is the last. Thereafter should be cheaper ....

    I am a size 9 and never have the right shoes 😊

  • You're probably right though I can't imagine that is an option financially. To be fair I have no idea how much such a thing would cost.

  • specialfootwear.co.uk/

    Haven't checked the cost :-( I am used to not looking at the price if it is a 9 and fits !!

  • I totally understand! I have a bit of that 'if it fits' thing too. The bespoke option starts at £2k, so maybe file that away in case of lottery win. :-)

  • OMG ! - oops ! We can but dream !

  • I did see a fascinating link my friend showed me some time ago about the way you do your laces making a massive difference for runners with particular issues with their feet - might be worth a google as maybe would help - maybe try running shoe lace techniques.

    I would say tailor made might also be best bet

  • Skechers with memory foam. It's amazing!

  • Try Ecco...

  • I have orthotics as I walk on bone on the ball of my foot with not much flesh on my feet. About six years ago I found FltFlops with a wobble board sole. They do sandles and shoes, trainer type shoes, I have had quite a few pairs of these now, they are so comfy I don't need my insoles in them. Nice and soft to walk on. Not cheap but worth every penny. Don't know what I would do if I couldn't get them. I buy them on line as they are not in many shops.

    Before fitflop I couldn't really where sandles as I couldn't put my insoles in them but I can walk miles in fitflop with no problems at all. I can't tell you how they have improved my lifestyle.

    Best wishes Kathy M. xx

  • I wear Fitflop shoes all the time and have quite a few pairs - especially the lace ups. They are quite fashionable and were designed in Greenwich. The beauty is you can put them on and wear them straight away without pain! fitflop.co.uk/

  • Have a look at DB shoes ,a UK maker just recommended to wife by chiropodist..

  • I love "wolky" shoes, they are stylish, comfortable and fit my large orthotics. It's a Dutch brand but they do have a store in Brighton. They have a website and do free postage and returns. Also they go up to size 9

    Take care x

  • Flyflots are my preference and cheaper than others.

  • Yup, Fitflops or DB - I wear both for my weird feet. But not simultaneously :D

    Google Wider Fit Shoes and you will find their website for DB shoes, which come in all sorts of styles, colours, widths and depths.

  • Try shoe embassy. My mum has inserts and they fit in these shoes once she took the insoles out. Make sure you pick 'wide with' though. I have them myself and although I have no problems with my feet I have to say they are pretty comfortable.

  • Omg Tatie, they are so cute I was quite distracted shopping for myself (ahem bright green brogues cough). :-) The thing is I couldn't find a wide fit option or search filter and none of the shoes I looked at had widths. Am I missing anything?

  • Bright green brogues? Actually they reminded me I once bought a pair of turquoise and multi loafers in a sale because they fit. And Tatie I couldn't find width fittings, either.

  • They're some comfortable too! It's a bit tricky to find the fit. You need to click on the info tab and scroll down. It's there in the bottom. If you can't find it, email them, they are very helpful

  • ‘Baer Shoes’ and ‘Wider Fit Shoes’ are both good & very comfortable.

    Wider Fit Shoes good value



    Baer Shoes expensive but last a long time.





  • Try Sandpiper Shoes, made in the UK. They have a very good variety of stylish shoes in a huge range of width fittings. Nice leather too. They will discount the VAT at purchase if you qualify.

    My feet have been swollen for years and are getting worse. I've tried the usual brands, including Cosyfeet. I would avoid Cosyfeet - the size consistency is atrocious, there's no arch support, and the leather is not great quality for the price.

  • Hello puncturedbicycle,,,,,have they tried Cosyfeet?, they do shoes, slippers and socks for swollen feet,,,,they are deep,,wide,,and made of fabric, leather,and cosy materials,,,they are available online and have shops in parts of the country,,,there is also another company that also specialises in broad and wide footwear,,,name has gone from the brain,,,,hope this is helpful, in the search for comfy footwear,,,,ttfn from karen.

  • Thank you thank you thank you all you lovely people! Two pairs of Rohde footwear have been purchased so I do hope that's her problem solved.

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