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Taking pills

im confused about when to take all my meds . Any advice greatly received.I take levothyroxine - 1 hour before breakfast

Then recently 2 ibroprofen (back ache) after the levo

I then take oemparazamole (excuse spelling ) 30 mins later (advised by pharmacist) as this has to be before food

Then later vit b12, vit d, fenofexadene

Talk about shake rattle and rock 😳

By the time I've had that lot I don't feel like breakfast. Lol

Just wondering am I taking things correctly as to ensure I feel the benefits of what I'm taking.

I'm guessing I could take things later in the day as there's no hard and fast rule re vitamins.

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If you are taking omeprazole half an hour after your levo, then you are not getting much benefit out of your levo. In fact, you are taking omeprazole, you're not getting much benefit out of anything at all. Why are you taking it?

But, if you absolutely have to take it, then why not try taking your levo at night, 2 to 3 hours after your last meal?



I have bad acid reflux and a hiatus hernia.

I did stop taking it but then the pharmacist told me I need it everyday to protect my stomach .

It's a minefield - altho I was given gaviascon in hospital and the dr there told me just to take that .

Think your right though - maybe take it at night


Did nobody mention that the acid reflux could be due to low stomach acid? Both low and high stomach acid have much the same symptoms. But, doctors automatically assume that you have high, and give you PPIs like omeprazole to lower the stomach acid (quite how that is supposed to 'protect' the stomach, I have no idea, stomachs are supposed to be full of acid). So, if your problem was low stomach acid, PPIs are going to make your digestion and absorption of nutrients even worse. Just a thought...


I was put on the acid stuff before I was diagnosed with under active (altho I'm apparently now over !) no one has ever review me Or discussed interactions with drugs etc . Gosh the whole thing is such a minefield . I think when I'm reviewed with my endo I will discuss that with him.

Maybe I stop taking the acid stuff and just take gaviscon when I need it - which is what I used to do until the pharmacist told me no I had to take it everyday.

Oh Lordy just wish I didn't have to take any meds at all - how simple life would be .

It does worry me taking all this stuff- it can't be good for the body 😳



Useful comments about Fenofexadene - should not be taken with your PPI - yikes !




Have a good read of the above websites - and have a think. We cannot always rely on our Docs - they after all gain so much information from the latest drug rep :-)


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