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Ferritin and TSH


I recently had my bloods done as I am having trouble conceiving and the only thing that showed up is that my Ferritin is low (8ug/l). My doctor said not to worry as I'm not anemic, but how is the best way to get this up?

My TSH also came back at 0.05 and she said that I should lower my medication... I'm taking nature-throid (she didn't know what it was and seemed very confused!) and finally feel great... Is there any long term bad effects of being at this level??


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Jaymieleigh1412 I don't know about bad effects from being at that level of TSH (I hope not because mine is always suppressed and currently 0.005 and has been for a while!). But there certainly will be bad effects from such a dire ferritin level.

"my Ferritin is low (8ug/l). My doctor said not to worry as I'm not anemic"

How does he know you're not anaemic? Has he done a full iron panel? If not then ask him to. You need to know whether your blood iron levels are low too, not just your iron stores (ferritin).

NHS Choices says here (scroll down)

"If your ferritin levels are low, it means there isn't much iron stored in your body and you may have iron deficiency anaemia."

Iron is essential for normal thyroid hormone metabolism, and when ferritin level is below 70 then thyroid hormone can't work properly, and that is our own thyroid hormone or replacement.

You probably need iron infusions, at the very least iron supplements and if you are prescribed iron tablets then take each one with 1000mg Vit C to aid absorption and help prevent constipation.

It would also be useful to have B12 and folate tested, plus Vit D.


your ferritin is direly low and its very important for hypothyroid to have a ferritin half way in its range so nearer 70

when on NDT your TSH will be suppressed if your on correct dose ignore your GP they know squat about thyroid

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Why is your ferritin so low? Do you have other deficiencies, too? Trying to make a baby without being nutritionally sufficient is asking for a baby with birth defects.

Do a Genova Diagnostics NutrEval test to see what you may be deficient in and supplement accordingly.

And look for reasons why you're deficient. Poor diet? Gluten or other food allergy? Tapeworm or roundworm? Best to fix before pregnancy.

Best wishes.

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