TSH 0.02

range 0.5 to 3.0

fT4 20 range 11 to 22. fT3 was not done but I'm not a great converter. Never have been regardless of dose.

Update as promised:

Endo started up with the atrial fibrillation and osteoporosis nonsense. She suggested to lower dose 150 mcg thyroxine 5 days per week, 125 mcg thyroxine 2 days per week. "You won't even notice the difference."

Me, in my head: "oh yes I would. Rather presumptuous of you."

Instead I told her "let's revisit the subject in 6 months." (Except I have almost 300 150s to last me until next year in August so that's when I'm going to see her again. She doesn't know that yet. The Subversive Patient!)

Back years ago when she was suggesting T3 and wrote the scripts for it, then it was all about atrial fibrillation too. Jeeze louise, does it never end?

I told her okay, lets do a Holter monitor (24 to 48 hours cardiac monitoring) and let's do a bone density scan. No uptake on my offer. I called her bluff. She said they do bone density at age 65... um I know this is not true, btw. My BS meter went off. I told her I am an educated patient and will take responsibility for any adverse outcome.

(Unfortunately I had an earlier afternoon appointment and was seen on time so I had to put up with the 'student' doctor who annoyed the living daylights out of me. A silly condenscending twit. A knowitall moron. At one point I leaned forward and informed her that I know more about my thyroid situation than she does or ever will. That didn't go off too well, I must say. She probably ran off and told the endo that I'm a hostile patient. Too damn right I am. I hate twitty young dingbats telling me stuff. Ask, don't tell. Learn something. Terrible patient interview skills.

I always aim for a later appointment because the students go home at 5 p.m. and then the endo behaves like a normal human. Or as normal as she is capable of being. Today she walked in with the student, never said 'hello' to me as if I was a potted plant, talked to the student 'about me in front of me'. Class act? NOPE.

I probably wouldn't mind reducing the dose a bit after I've lost another 15 pounds. But until then, no way.

HbA1c has also gone down since last year. Yay! I want it lower and it'll go lower as I lose the weight.

Blood pressure 130/80 because I was ready to deck someone. LOL!

Cheers to all on this forum.

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  • gabkad - looks as though the UK has been exporting its naff doctors to your shores! Sorry that you're having to put up with rubbish treatment also but thank you for giving me a giggle.

  • She's Irish. LOL!!

  • LOL, that's so funny!!

  • All doctors like to show off when they've got students with them. Just makes me a more difficult patient. I even had a physio with a student once, and her behaviour was out-rageous! Fortunately, I had something to tell her that made her look a right fool! lol

    If you lower the dose when you've lost the weight, you'll put it straight back on again! Voice of experience here! Don't ever lower your dose if you're not over-range. :)

  • I am considering skipping one dose every two weeks. That would result in an average of 140 mcg after time. Seeing as how I"m not going to see her again for maybe, hm, let me look at the calendar, 10 months, there ought to be some stabilization. That's about as far as I'm willing to go. See what happens.

    When I was on 125mcg T4, weight gain was not a problem. Depression was.

  • It's always something :(

  • Gabkad,

    Rotterdam Study shows there is no association with TSH and AF.


    Another meta-study showed that patients with TSH <0.1 suffered one extra hip fracture per 1000 patient-years. A risk I find eminently acceptable with my TSH suppressed at 0.01.

  • This article is not exactly supportive of high fT4 levels. I was considering printing it off and giving it to the gorgon, but closer inspection indicates.... um no. But thanks.

  • Gabkad,

    It was talking about natural high FT4. In the full article it suggests a study on hypothyroid patients taking thyroxine to see whether the finding is the same.

  • Love the fact that you put the student straight as what hope do we have if this is how they are learning to treat people?!

    You know your own body so well done for doing what is right for you and not listening to the BS.

  • i've been hanging out here since 2013. i've been taught!

  • And we've learned a lot from you gabkad so please don't leave us!

  • Where would I go? This forum is the best. You are so sweet. :)

    Reading forum since 2013. Registered April 2014.

  • Love it ....brilliant post gabkad . 💙

  • Haha good for you.. funny when you leaned over to the student!!!! X

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