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Panicked, online source no more

I'm in a bit of a panic as I realized tonight past source for Thiroyd purchase online is a no-go at this time. I have been hypothyroid for going on 14 years and only during the past 6 (when I started self-dosing with Armour or similar, non-synthroid) have I felt human again. I wasted the first 8 with a couple of doctors ignoring my symptoms for the test results, then refusing to let me try Armour. When I finally tried it myself, then the fog started to lift. I am very new here but thankful to have found the community. Hoping someone can send me in the right direction through a PM to keep me in touch with other reliable sources. Please help, as I have let myself get uncomfortably low on my existing stock. Thx in advance.

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did you google it online .just the name ...and it will give you suppliers


Keep your spirits up, someone will PM you. I'm not too sure about mine so I may have to do the same!


Just be aware that pretty well all the suppliers need payment by Western Union nowadays. That's PayPal being mean.


This community, and the thyroid community overall, is amazingly supportive. If only more medical professionals would realize people need/want help for their symptoms, not meeting test results. Thank you, all.


Can i have a pm as well please ☺

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