T3 or not T3

just thought I would share the reply I got from my CCG when I quoted

New Guidelines from the British Thyroid Association as per the attached statement. Please can you confirm that this correct and also explain what implications this has as far as the CCG is concerned and how this will effect prescribing of T3 through my GP.

Reply although not great it does hold out some hope


I have now received a response from the Prescribing Lead who has advised that this is still under discussion for the Health Consultants to identify clinical situation when it might be used. So currently there is no progress as yet and nothing different to report.

I can keep you informed and I will check with the team again next month.


at least they are still talking about it and my gp is still prescribing it and that's down to my local CCG who actually told my GP that as they have not red lighted T3 he will have to continue to prescribe. So it's always worth kicking up a fuss go get your CCG involved don't stand any nonsense!

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  • Hello. Thanks so much for this. My GP is in favour of T3, my CCG has banned it. Could you send me a link to the attachment you mention from the BTA? Many thanks.

  • LouiseRoberts for the past few days I have been unable to log on to TUK. Is the site still having trouble?

  • Sorry - was off yesterday. Seems ok to me. :) x

  • Many thanks.

  • Could you send it to me also, I had my GP and my endocrinoligist wanting to prescribe. But my CCG (Somerset) refused. My GP did prescribe for 10 months whilst the appeal was put together and heard but the practice was picking up the bill. I think she then got into trouble with the practice manager and had to stop, I have been buying from Greece since then. But would love to give my CCG another go...........

  • Hi, could you please send me a PM regarding your source of T3 from Greece ? Thanks!

  • I have mentined several times here that Ministers have said that a medicine determined to be needed by a GP should not be stopped on cost grounds alone.This is the view of Ministers. So find out why T3 is stopped once it has been prescribed and bring in your MP.

  • Could I also have the link please.

  • It is interesting to note that Liothyronine is rated as GREEN in my Area, yet BLACK in the adjoining area. It seems that the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing in the NHS.

  • I am still being prescribed it too - My dr would not comment on my results, proving that it is working for me. But then she would not confirm its virtues and positive results either. Time will tell. But I will continue to fight for it. Thanks for the updates :)

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