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MHRA Public assessment reports

The MHRA has available a considerable number of Public Assessment Reports on medicines. These reports seem to be written during licence application processes.

Unlike the Electronic Medicines Compendium (EMC), which is obviously intended for broad public access, these documents are almost hidden away. Looks as if the only way of finding them is by the very simple search process on this page:

Ironically, when you type “levothyroxine” the search finds all the medicines which interfere with levothyroxine such as ferrous sulphate, as well as the most recent liquid and Teva tablet levothyroxine products.

(Some might be findable by other search engines – but they don’t appear near the top of most searches!)

It is a lucky-dip – you might or might not find any specific medicine you search for. Hopefully it will become more complete in time, but maybe it won’t?

[ EMC is here: ]

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I notice that liothyronine brings up only two entries - nothing about the tablets, only the injection, and also an entry about phenobarbitol. I didn't bother to try and work out why!


Either there are documents not yet added to the site - or perhaps PARs have only been going over relatively recent years?

Don't blame you about phenobarbitol....

Drat, couldn't stop myself:

Using PHENobarbital together with levothyroxine can decrease the effects of PHENobarbital. This can cause fatigue, weight gain, constipation, and low blood pressure. Talk with your doctor before using these medications together, and report any side effects promptly. You may need a dose adjustment or thyroid tests to safely take both medications.



And I had to go and find out what phenobarbitol is used for, which is epilepsy apparently. It was discovered/invented in 1912, which was a surprise.


I used to get it together with ephedrine for asthma back in the dark ages. Franol tablets - ephedrine speeded you up then phenobarb knocked you out. And I was just a kid!


Amazing any of us survived this long! :-)

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Had to increase Beta blockers during year .Notes say may affect conversion.


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