Markings on Mercury Pharma levothyroxine tablets

In April 2016, updated Patient Information Leaflets for Mercury Pharma levothyroxine tablets were posted on the Electronic Medicines Compendium site. The dates within the documents are November 2015. At the same time, I think, they updated the company name to Concordia International on EMC (but not on the documents themselves).

The reason I am posting is to highlight that the actual tablets themselves are changing.

The old tablets were marked FW41 (for 25 micrograms), FW21 (50 micrograms) and FW31 (100 micrograms). A rather odd and seemingly haphazard identification scheme.

The new markings are LT on one side and 25, 50 or 100 on the other side.

This does seem to be a more rational marking scheme (assuming LT is being used as an abbreviation for "levothyroxine").

[The same changes were also made to the documents for the product when packaged with the Eltroxin branding - which is not available in the UK.]

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  • Just realised, we have had a couple of posters mention they got levothyroxine in a bottle recently. And there were some "Is there a shortage of MercuryPharma levothyroxine?" questions over the past few months.

    Given the change to the actual tablets described above, perhaps MercuryPharma (Concordia International) intentionally tried to squeeze all stock with the old markings out of the system? Maybe they reduced inventory levels as they changed over? It could make sense of the rather sporadic "shortage" issues.

    Suggestion to everyone:

    If you get medicines offered without a Patient Information Leaflet, ask for one. And get the batch number and expiry date in writing (preferably by the pharmacy directly onto their label). These are fundamental things that must always be supplied if you request them.

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