Hashimoto's Gluten Free Oats Question

I've been gluten free since May last year due to Hashimoto's hoping it will help. I have a question regarding the consumption of oats. I didn't realise orginally that you can buy GF oats and I now buy these. Any thoughts as to if this is essential as oats should be gluten free anyway? Does anyone have any thoughts on whether the GF oats only are a must with Hashimoto's?

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  • I think if you are trying to be as pure as possible then GF oats is the way to go. Some oats are prepared in the same place as wheat products - so could be a problem for someone really trying to be 100% GF ....

  • did it helped the gluten free diet?

  • I don't know if it's helped yet as the doctors won't recheck the TPO antibodies as they say there is no point, that once you have them you can never get rid of them. They don't seem interested in possible remission. I'll be looking into a private blood test but need to research how.

  • Thyroid UK website has links to private testing 🙂 I use blue horizon myself, they donate to thyroid UK.

  • I think it also means they're grown well away from wheat crops, thereby avoiding cross-contamination.

  • Yes, I react to non-gf oats and not gf oats so does make a difference. I think they have been proved to be highly cross contaminated during production and processing if not GF

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